NOT CROSS FORUM NRL 2023 Round 25 Discussion

Just read it in another thread. Actually crazy, but not much that can be done other than what has already been proposed here. It clearly looked dangerous, clearly showed a lack of concern for a fellow player, but I don't want the rules changed for a bouncing ball.
Just get rid of the "in the air" rule completely. The refs already rule on dangerous tackles, so let them have the power to rule whenever they believe a player has been placed in a dangerous position or when the tackles is deemed to be dangerous. Simple.
**** sake now these idiots in charge are considering a rule change for the bounced ball situation in the Manly game.

Do not **** with the bounced ball and mid air tackle... simply state that taking a player's legs out like that is a dangerous position.

It put Garrick in a vulnerable position and the defender has a duty of care to not come through and take a player's legs out like that.... job fucking done!!

The rule is already there for kickers... I dont know why that wasn't applied in this situation anyway.

Fucking media are going on about the wrong aspect of the situation and these morons in charge will create a stupid fucking reactionary rule now.

Bounced ball was a thing when Turbo got axed by a Bronco a few years back .
Here we are again .

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