NRL General Discussion Thread - 2020


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How exactly are they posing like hoodlums anyway? They are just standing/crouching in front of a camera wither protective face wear.

wouldn’t be because they’re brown? Surely not.


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It has been reported that the Warriors have committed to remain in Australia and play out the NRL season


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Kent said that AFB wanting to get paid if the season is suspended is ridiculous.
If that's the case, surely there's no need to pay """journalists""" either, what are they going to report about?
Journalists didn't say we are partners and get 29.5% of revenue last deal. You can't say we are partners give me 29.5% of revenue when revenue is up but when it goes down say nope I want my salary fixed thanks. We don't want to be partners anymore.
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This is advertising. They finally made a good one that didn't have some shitty rap or pop song playing.

Really good ad that... a lot of action with the big hits... you could definitely see a couple Americans flicking over to check it out with the big hits

They probably need to be on ESPN or a network, as the casual viewer might flick it on for a watch. Asking them to subscribe and stream might be a bit much

Hopefully they dont flick it on for a dogs game though 😒😒😒
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I reckon the Broncs should have let Niu go play for the Warriors. It’s great for him and the team moving forward. This way he gets experience and game time, something he isn’t getting not being in the team. We also get a really good chance to look at him in FG.


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AFL suspended, but V'landys reckons NRL will still go ahead.

I feel like at some point the government is going to step in and put a stop to it.
Imagine how bogan and inept we are going to look to everyone if it infects squads and spreads because NRL were too pigheaded to do it.


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Imagine how bogan and inept we are going to look to everyone if it infects squads and spreads because NRL were too pigheaded to do it.
They are pig headed because they know that any elongated spell from the game is disastrous for the code. Any game with a 9 million dollar salary cap where most clubs run at a loss but only appeals to a certain section of fans in a certain part of Australia was always going to be vulnerable to things like a pandemic, war, a massive weather event etc. It simply isn't popular enough to be able to withstand a once in a lifetime occurence.

The NRL as we knew it is finished but it will recover but that will take many years. 16 team comps and million dollar paydays will be a thing of the past and what comes out on the other side is anyone's guess. They will have no choice to shut down in the days/weeks to come.


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Why not put it in one town? I get that it takes players away from their families but they could all go there couldn't they? Place them all in Alice Springs or something.

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