RANT NRL stadiums and shit grog



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Jun 13, 2019
Not sure how it is outside Sydney, but in the last few games I have gone here in multiple stadiums it's always mid strength piss that's the only option.

inflated prices obviously but to be expected but **** me dead ****, 3.5% beer can go **** off, how am I supposed to get a buzz, the **** tastes like water, I'll be clogging the piss stall before I get a slight buzz.

in the GF I had 4 Hahn superdrys at weak shit 3.5% and I had to piss 3 times just for a tiny buzz, lmao why the **** is there no full strength booze?

it's fucken unaustralian.
Currently in Brazil, they free pour the caipirinhas. A full strength beer works out to be about 4bucks even with our currently shit exchange rate. Everyone turns up in the stadium 3 hours early and gets rotten. I did see a lot of drunk people starting fights with security/ police and getting kicked out by halftime so maybe that’s what aus venues are trying to avoid
**** yeah how good are capirinihas. Just straight sugar and booze.
It’s the same old story - the majority pay for the idiotic behaviour of the moronic few.

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