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The Knights have certainly stamped themselves as a threat to the Roosters winning the trophy the past couple of weeks.

It's going to be them two in the GF for sure.

And of course being one and two (or possibly three) they’re on opposite sides of the preliminaries so it’s set up for them to meet

If Brisbane happen to make it though, I know who I’d rather play

(not the Roosters)
Yep, and Upton for the Knights.

It’s kinda funny though that you have two of the best players in the game from Rocky and the GC and neither play for the Cows and Titans
It’s kinda funny though that you have two of the best players in the game from Rocky and the GC and neither play for the Cows and Titans
Rocky is not North Queensland tho and is closer to Brisbane than Townsville……just sayin lol
Rocky is not North Queensland tho and is closer to Brisbane than Townsville……just sayin lol

I feel anything Central Queensland has more of an affinity to NQ than SEQ, just in terms of lifestyle or culturally

I guess Teitzel is a more damning example, but it’s a case of when, not if with her
PM XIII women’s game on vs PNG at the moment

Australia lead 18-0 at the half. team features the likes of Teagan Berry, Bo Vette-Welsh, Tallisha Harden, Rachel Pearson, China Polata and Tiana Rafstrand-Smith

We do have a Broncos rep in Keisha-Leigh Coolwell playing at centre
Why isn’t Coolwell playing in our squad? Development only? That was a nice try she scored.
Why isn’t Coolwell playing in our squad? Development only? That was a nice try she scored.

Yeah development and we have had enough fit backs every game with Dam being the first drop but Keisha does get named in the extended squad before dropping out every week.

Played in the trial against the Knights before the season too
Squads for the Pacific Championships:

Pacific Championships 2023:

Women's squads


Tarryn Aiken (Sydney Roosters), Kezie Apps (Wests Tigers), Shaylee Bent (Gold Coast Titans), Ali Brigginshaw (Brisbane Broncos), Lauren Brown (Gold Coast Titans), Jaime Chapman (Gold Coast Titans), Kennedy Cherrington (Parramatta Eels), Yasmin Clydsdale (Newcastle Knights), Keeley Davis (Sydney Roosters), Jess Elliston (Gold Coast Titans), Caitlan Johnston (Newcastle Knights), Isabelle Kelly (Sydney Roosters), Olivia Kernick (Sydney Roosters), Emma Manzelmann (North Queensland Cowboys), Shannon Mato (Gold Coast Titans), Evania Pelite (Gold Coast Titans), Julia Robinson (Brisbane Broncos), Jessica Sergis (Sydney Roosters), Simaima Taufa (Canberra Raiders), Emma Tonegato (Cronulla Sharks), Tamika Upton (Newcastle Knights).

Cook Islands

Ngatokotoru Arakua, Kaiyah Atai, Rangi Aukino, Chantelle Holloway-Samuels, Jodeci Joseph, Annemarie Kiria-Ratu, Chantay Kiria-Ratu, Lavinia Kitai, Tiana Kore, Chelsea Makira, Kerehitina Matua, Paulina Morris-Ponga, Ariel Ngatokorua, Mahinaarangi Rewi, Anneka Stephens, Kiana Sword-Tua, Kiana Takairangi, Crystal Tamarua, Jazmon Tupou-Witchman, Lydia Turua-Quedley, Alesha Willcox


Ana Raduva, Anastasia Shum, Cassie Staples, Ema Rainima, Josephine Maejiirs, capt., Patricia Raikadroka, Sienna Laing, Siniva SaAnga, Talei Holmes, Teaghan Lai, Sereana Naitokatoka, Aliti Namoce, Mere Kilawekana, Grace Waqa, Adi Sokula Waqa, Asena Rokomarama, Vitalina Naikore, Merewalesi Rokouono, Salote Sukakinamena, Asenaca Diranuve

New Zealand

Abigail Roache (Newcastle Knights), Amelia Pasikala (Sydney Roosters), Angelina Teakaraanga-Katoa (St George Illawarra Dragons), Annessa Biddle (Cronulla Sharks), Apii Nicholls (Canberra Raiders), Ashleigh Quinlan (Canberra Raiders), Brooke Anderson (Cronulla Sharks), Capri Paekau (Parramatta Eels), Cheyelle Robins-Reti (Canberra Raiders), Georgia Hale (Gold Coast Titans), Jasmine Fogavini (Brisbane Broncos), Laishon Albert Jones (Newcastle Knights), Leianne Tufuga (Wests Tigers), Mele Hufanga (Brisbane Broncos), Mya Hill-Moana (Sydney Roosters), Najvada George (Wests Tigers), Otesa Pule (Sydney Roosters), Raecene McGregor (St George Illawarra Dragons), Shanice Parker (Newcastle Knights), Tiana Davison (Newcastle Knights), Tyla Nathan-Wong (St George Illawarra Dragons)

Papua New Guinea

Almah Johnson, Belinda Gwasumun, Bertshiba Awoi, Elsie Albert, Emily Veivers, Essay Banu, Freda Waula, Gloria Kaupa, Jessikah Reeves, Lancy Ulkambane, La-Toniya Norris-Addo, Leila Kerowa, Lyiannah Allen, Meli Joe, Roswita Kapo, Sareka Mooka, Sera Koroi, Shellie Long, Sillah Rumints, Ua Ravu, Yolanda Taute.


Niall Williams-Guthrie (Gold Coast Titans), Christian Pio (Wests Tigers), Annetta Nu'uausala (Brisbane Broncos), Onjeurlina Hunt (Auckland Vulcans), Makayla Eli (Auckland Vulcans), Taylor Mapusua (St George Dragons), Destiny Mino-Sinipati (Gold Coast Titans), Lindsay Tui (Parramatta Eels), Petesa Lio (Canberra Raiders), Pauline Piliae-Rasabale (Wests Tigers), Sienna Lofipo (Gold Coast Titans), Destiny Brill (Brisbane Broncos), Pihuka Berryman-Duff (Parramatta Eels), Fiona Jahnke (Cronulla Sharks), Jetaya Faifua (North Queensland Cowboys), Janelle Williams (Canberra Raiders), Tamerah Leati (Newcastle Knights), Tafao Asaua (Manly Sea Eagles), Malaela Sua (Gold Coast Titans), Anasis Afia (Apia, Samoa), Avery-Rose Carmont (Auckland Vulcans).


Tegan Dymock (Cronulla Sharks), Sarah Filimoeatu (Auckland Vulcans), Vanessa Foliaki (Cronulla Sharks), Jade Fonua (Parramatta Eels), Litia Fusi (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs), Fatafehi Hanisi (Cronulla Sharks), Haylee Hifo (Mounties), Kalosipani Hopoate (Sydney Roosters), Amelia Mafi (Parramatta Eels), Shirley Mailangi (North Sydney Bears), Shannon Muru (Parramatta Eels), Natasha Penitani (Cronulla Sharks), Tiana Penitani (Cronulla Sharks), Dannii Perese (Gold Coast Titans), China Polata (North Queensland Cowboys), Monica Samita (Akarana Falcons), Lavinia Tauhalaliku (Auckland City), Cassey Tohi-Hiku (Parramatta Eels), Folau Vaki (Wests Tigers), Langi Veainu (Chiefs Manawa).

(taken from - don't know why they've neglected putting clubs for PNG, CI and Fiji squads - if I can find the energy I'll update myself)
A few post-season signing announcements

Mythabelle Kelly re-signs at the Roosters for a further 3 seasons until the end of 2026

Recent Jillaroo Jakiya Whitfield (Wests Tigers) has moved to the Cowboys from next year for 3 years

Raecene McGregor, Teagan Berry, Jamilee Bright, Angela Teakaraanga-Katoa, Tara McGrath-West Ella Koster, Bobbi Law, Alexis Tauaneai re-sign at the Dragons until 2025, and 2026 for Tauaneai

Niall Williams-Guthrie will fulfil the second year of her contract after the Titans took a wait-and-see approach to how she handled the first year
Titans re-sign Shannon Mato until the end of 2027
Ali B, Ciesiolka, Jessikah Reeves (Cows) and Tara Reinke (Raiders) have signed for the new Clydesdales BMD side for next season.

I wonder if Ferguson will follow suit, despite being made captain at Norths before their defection.

Socials are sometimes a good indicator when it comes to footy, so there’s likely to be a few more Broncos and other names heading there if that’s the case
Ferguson is staying at Norths fyi

More extensions happening - Dibb is staying at the Cows until end of 2026, Harden for 2024, Sergis is extending until end of 2027 (lol) and unfortunately Aiken is staying until the end of 2025. I don't think we see her back at Brisbane anytime soon

Dragons sign a few players to end of 2025 including former Bronco Sara Sautia.

I don't think we'll see as much on the Broncos front as we have almost all players signed for 2024 and our marquee level players like Ali, Ciesiolka, Brill, Robbo etc are signed until end of 25. I reckon at least 90% of the squad will remain the same, perhaps even more

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