LIVE NRLW Round 3 - Broncos vs Warriors

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    NRLW - Round 3
    Friday, 21st of September, 2018
    broncos.gif warriors.gif
    1. Chelsea Baker
    2. Julia Robinson
    3. Kody House
    4. Amber Pilley
    5. Karley Te Kawa
    6.Kimiora Nati
    7. Ali Brigginshaw
    8. Heather Ballinger
    9. Brittany Breayley
    10. Steph Hancock
    11. Teuila Fotu-moala
    12. Maitua Feterika
    13. Rona Peters

    14. Lavinia Gould
    15. Chelsea Lenarduzzi
    16. Tallisha Harden
    17. Arakua Ngatokotoru

    19. Mariah Storch
    20. Lilieta Maumau
    1. Apii Nicholls-pualau
    2. Langi Veainu
    3. Shontelle Woodman
    14. Sarina Clark
    5. Hilda Mariu
    6. Laura Mariu
    7. Georgia Hale
    11. Tanika-jazz Noble
    9. Krystal Rota
    10. Aieshaleigh Smalley
    4. Onjeurlina Leiataua
    12.Alice Vailea
    13. Luisa Gago

    15. Lorina Papali'i
    18. Sui Tauasa Pauaraisa
    20. Racquel Anderson
    24. Va'anessa Molia-fraser

    17. Kahurangi Peters
    Coach: Paul DyerCoach: Luisa Avaiki
    Officials: Peter Gough, Jake Sutherland
    Sideline Officials: Wyatt Raymond, Daniel Schwass
    Video Review Officials: Henry Perenara, Bryan Norrie
    Venue: Aami Park
    Kickoff: 5:00 pm
    Broadcast: GEM; FoxLeague
  3. Great defence they could give the boys a lesson in urgency.
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    Early penalty and a knock on, Warriors starting the better so far.
  4. Warriors get the first try of the match, Baker had it covered but knocked on giving the Warriors a gift try.
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  5. 6-0 to the Warriors
  6. Allo

    Allo NRL Captain

    A pen and two knock ons. Not a great start
  7. Good take and return from Baker
  8. Decent first set the Broncos have had in this game so far, penalty finally.
  9. Allo

    Allo NRL Captain

    Feterika looking ominous so far. No nonsense start
  10. TRY to Rona Peters 6-4 kick to come, definitely the response they needed to make after that Warriors early dominance.
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  11. Great pass from Breayley.
  12. Allo

    Allo NRL Captain

    Get Breayley to school Macca all offseason
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  13. Baker converts to make it 6 all
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  14. Another good set by the Broncos, mistake by the Warriors gives the Broncos another attacking opportunity.
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  15. Too easy for Robinson that was a soft try, sort of play you don't see in the modern game. 10-6 kick to come. Broncos have been down the Warriors half, 2 times for 2 tries.
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  16. Allo

    Allo NRL Captain

    Yes nice try Julia. Something about her I tell ya
  17. Baker misses and it remains 10-6
  18. Fair penalty 2-3 of our own players offside from that kick. Warriors on attack but that was a great tackle.
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    Good hitback by the Warriors 10 all kick to come. This could be a high scoring game.
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