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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2014' started by Sproj, May 27, 2014.

  1. Sproj


    Well I thought one not have just the one thread for pre-match, live and post-match discussion.

    To kick off, just saw Josh Reynolds, Luke Lewis and two others in Queen Street Mall and they were copping it from the locals. Haha
  2. Morkel


    I'm actually a little worried TBH.
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  3. Me too. I just can't work out if it's rational worry or not. I guess I feel like it's a must win to a degree an there is a lot to loose if we come into it like we did last year.
  4. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League

    Every year it's the same story...

    NSW Fans: We have it this year, this is our year **** QLD!
    QLD Fans: I'm a little worried this year, they have a better team and are building to something.

    NSW Players: Oh yeah we got them, all QLDers are bogans anyway blah blah blah
    QLD Players: We really have to look out for 'player A' as he is hitting form at the right time, if we underestimate them we will pay the price.
  5. Bucking Beads

    Bucking Beads International Captain

    I really just don't care. The game will be ruined by a howler from the Refs I just know it.
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  6. Have been worried for the last couple of years tbh. They aren't far off. I think this year, at least for me, it's because Reynolds and Hodgkinson are unknowns, in key positions, in this arena. Love him or hate him, Josh Reynolds is very competitive and has that niggle that seems to suit these games so much. Tate marking Toopoopoo is a concern of course, Hayne in his preferred position and playing well for his club, no Pearce and Baloney is a concern as well.
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  7. Considering how the last few years have gone, it's understandable I think...
  8. I was more worried last year than I am this year, but I'm still worried.
  9. QLD to whitewash it.
  10. Rally Towel

    Rally Towel NRL Player

    I think it's a fair call to be a little apprehensive. The gap has been closing, and they have some consistency in several key positions now (comparatively). Given their disrupted prep, and several forced replacements, the Blues enter this match with very little to lose.

    We are a little light up front for my liking, but that aside I am confident we can take this game. We have proven class across the park, familiar combinations, and a home advantage.

    I see us getting an early lead and not relinquishing it, though they will keep us honest in the latter stages of the game.

    Game two to fall in their favour with Bird Fifita and contentious refereeing to be the difference.

    Back up here for Game 3, and another win.
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  11. animal eater

    animal eater QCup Player

    With five debutantes for NSW I believe they will be shitting themselves and will feel the pressure tomorrow night. I think it will be a close game but QLD will prevail. Game two will go to NSW and then three to the QLders.

    Game one: final score is 18-14 Qld. First try going to Cronk on a Thurston kick off the post. Read it here first.
  12. Head says relatively easy win.
    Heart worries too much about everything from refs to Jayne having a blinder, etc... :noidea:
  13. Rally Towel

    Rally Towel NRL Player

    Hayne at FB is always going to make life difficult for us. Ridiculous how many times they've shoehorned him onto the wing.

    In keeping with the earlier idea, my prediction for Origin 1: QLD 22 - NSW 12. First try scorer: Inglis.
  14. Morkel


    Yeah, agree about Hayne. We've been calling them idiots for playing him out of position, and now they've put him where he belongs I'm shitting myself. My biggest concern is Hodges though. And it's not about him breaking down. His passing's been good for the Broncos but he won't be used that way tomorrow. It will be purely his running game and he's been a shadow if his normal self. Even his dummy half running is crap. If it's a mobility issue I'm worried they'll target his defence heavily. And we all know he has a shocker in him every now & again.
  15. I remember in Game 3 2010, when Hayne was moved to fullback he was tearing QLD to shreds. We just couldn't contain him, and they probably would have won if Morris could keep up. Whenever he moves to fullback, NSW go up another gear. It's only a matter of time before it hurts us even more.
  16. Broncoman

    Broncoman State of Origin Rep

    ^ And if Ennis didn't **** it up at the end

    I just saw a question on facebook asking who is the biggest dud to play origin. These guys always pop into mind

    Brett Finch, Michael Weyman, Jason Moodie, Dane Nielsen, Brett White

    Any others
  17. Sproj


    Dane Nielsen? Seriously?
  18. Steve Turner for sure. Wolfman a close 2nd.
  19. KingWebcke

    KingWebcke QCup Player

    each to their own but I find this pretty damn weird. Refereeing mistakes have existed since time began and if you're so upset by them that you don't care about one of the greatest sporting spectacles in the world, then I figured you would have given up on rugby league entirely years ago

    I'm nervous and excited. Its incredible how a game can still make you feel like a kid when you're way past that stage. Tipping us to win 24-18 after getting out to a lead then holding off a late rally
  20. Mister Wright

    Mister Wright NRL Player

    I just played a full 80 minutes on Rugby League Live 2. Qld 174 NSW 54.

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