Origin Bet

Should we have a banner bet on the Origin series?

  • Why yes, that sounds remarkably fun and a most entertaining proposition.

    Votes: 16 94.1%
  • I haven't faith enough in my team and dread having to chat under the colours of my foes.

    Votes: 1 5.9%

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NRL Player
Jun 5, 2008
Hey guys. It's that time of year again.

I'm up for an avatar bet, but considering the lengths we've gone to in order to appease Danny and the Manly forums, I do think it's only fair on myself and The Rock if you guys agree to change the entire forum banner to a Blues HQ one for a week in the unlikely event that NSW finally win the series. Obviously, if (when?) QLD take the title I'll grudgingly cop a huge Maroons banner all over my face upon every login.
I'm in. Hopefully the lazy QLDers can actually come up with sigs or avatars this year, if they win again.... :tsk:

Also like the Blues HQ idea as well.
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I'm in it.

It's a low risk bet.
If NSW wins we make Broncoman an admin.

That's how confident I am.
Banner bet on the full site or just on the Origin forum?
That's a piss weak bet.

That's like saying. If QLD Lose, I'll give you $500, but if NSW Lose, I get $10.
Ok. If QLD win you can ban Broncoman from the site forever. I am pretty sure all NSW fans on here will agree and basically that gives you the lost $490 from your bet :haha:
I will do what I'm asked to do by the admins. I don't accept the full site bet since NSW fans have no way to give us an even bet when QLD win.
I think Nashy has a point. It'd be like me and Shane Warne having a bet where whoever wins gets the other's mode of transport to and from work...I don't think a Mercedes is a fair swap for a 99 Bikes bicycle :P

NSW need to up the stakes for what happens if NSW loses again, then we'll consider the full banner bet for if QLD lose.
Soft c0ck Queenslander.

Sorry, the NSW side of the bet is soft, not the BHQ side.

Change the identity of our site.
Change your avatar.

Grow some balls, make a real bet princess.
Lol really?

I could change the Maroon banner today and it would be perfectly acceptable, and not even questioned.
I think the avatar bet is quite sufficient.
Then why don't you think of a ****ing suggestion. You'll do anything to get out of it. Weak as piss.

My suggestion.

If NSW win, we put up NSW banner.
If QLD win, all NSW supporters are banned from all threads except Origin and VRL for a week.
I'll let the other NSW losers and the QLD legends have their say.
How about this:

QLD win: We ban Broncoman
NSW win: We ban Broncoman

Surely it doesn't get fairer than that?

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