Origin Bet

Should we have a banner bet on the Origin series?

  • Why yes, that sounds remarkably fun and a most entertaining proposition.

    Votes: 16 94.1%
  • I haven't faith enough in my team and dread having to chat under the colours of my foes.

    Votes: 1 5.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
How long was this for again??? Haha I might as well take a holiday from BHQ then :P

Also is there a bug in that my avatar and signature are not displayed correctly? I didn't think they were part of the bet, but I am more than happy to have a loser banner instead of nothing. I know that opens me for various Souths jokes.
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What's wrong with avatar mate? I can't see as I'm not on a computer. It's not part of the bet.

1 week.
Dukey's avatar and sig have stopped working as well. Probably something to do with the permissions changing when you put them in a new group as a result of the Origin bet?
I fixed it coz I'm heaps smart and shit.
:haha: Yeah this bet kind of backfired without The Rock being here.

Losing Twiz & dukey is bit of a detriment.
Yeah this bet kind of backfired without The Rock being here.

When The Rock comes back, he has to do the bet until Origin 1 2013.

I think The Rock got banned on purpose to avoid the bet. ;)
What caused the banning/binning? I missed it or was it just a snowball from his gay photos and the way he carried on/debated it afterwoulds.

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