RLWC 2021 draw details and format announcement

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    The Rugby League International Federation’s (RLIF) board has approved the draw and format for the tournament taking place across England in three years’ time. For the first time ever the men’s, women’s and wheelchair tournaments will be staged at the same time.

    Details for all three disciplines have now been officially released; the men’s tournament will feature 16 teams, in four pools, with the top two from each group qualifying for the quarter finals. The women’s and wheelchair competitions will have eight teams in two groups, with the top two from each group making it straight through to their respective semi-finals.

    The England men’s side will open the tournament and will be seeded A1 alongside their Australian, New Zealand and Tongan counterparts. The second pot will feature Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Fiji and Lebanon with the final two pots for the draw made up of the remaining qualifying teams, based on their world ranking, including the two most recently qualified sides, France and Wales.

    The women’s tournament will begin on men’s quarter final weekend with the English side opening proceedings. Holders Australia will be seeded B1 with New Zealand in pot two. The remaining five spots will be filled by an expression of interest process taking place in 2019.

    The wheelchair tournament shall follow the same format, with England kicking-off the tournament and current holders France as B1 in the draw.

    A public draw for each of the three tournaments will be held on November 27th in England.

  1. For the sake of the tournament, they need to make sure any of the top tier nations don't feature in the same group.

    Hopefully 7mate will get the rights to this WC like they did with 2013. Their coverage was top notch. I loved the pre-game, half-time and post-game panels.

    Hopefully this WC is just as much of a success as 2013.
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  2. Dash

    Dash NRL Player

    Looks like that's what they're doing this time around. The emergence of Tonga as a legitimate 4th option allows them to structure the draw correctly for once.
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    Channel 7 **** it by using sport to push the most advertising they can. They Ru n sports coverage with adverts.

    But yeah, watch this half baked administration put the tier 1s all in a group.

    Did Russia qualify? Go Russia!

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