POST GAME Round 1 - Storm vs Broncos


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We won’t win shit without a true 7.
Give us all the best forwards in the comp, but without a 7 and a kicking game we won’t get anywhere. All we are good for is a bomb, that does absolutely nothing. Or a shit 3 tackle kick that just kills all momentum.
Disappointed in Su’A and knik.
It’s the same old boyd, super slow and will again be a liability.
I thought it was a decent comeback for bird, he will improve.
Lodge, again is a monster.
Staggs filled a good void.
In need of some speed out of dummy half also.

It is only round 1, things will improve, it was always going to take time.


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If we’re going to persist with two “dynamic”halves in Niko and Milf (which I think can work) we need better options at hooker and fullback.
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I’m not even made if jimmy didn’t go down stages on bench could been a lot different


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Goates and lodge show.

Others showed glimpses but if it wasn't for those 2 it would've been ugly.

Shitloads to do. Halves still haven't a fucking clue. Boyd needs to stop kicking on the 3rd, you're not a half.


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Same old shit
Nah, plenty of positive signs IMO. Milford being super rusty and Roberts getting injured early just put as at a big disadvantage though.

I was thinking of how to rank the players

Top Tier:
Corey Oates - Just a gun, kept us in the game
Matt Lodge - What a great front rower
TPJ - Led the fight back

Solid tier:
Matt Gillett - Good defensively, but just doesn't seem to have the power running game to be a middle forward IMO
Thomas Flegler - Looked impressive, didn't get to do a lot though
Jack Bird - Started poorly, but then got better
Ofahengaue - Gets through his work, but I just don't rate him as a top tier player. I dunno.
David Fifita - Came on late, but looked hard to stop

Average tier:
McCullough - Pretty much what you expect.
Alex Glenn - Didn't have anywhere near the same impact as in the trials.
Kotoni Staggs - Looked good in attack, dropped the ball a few times, some bad reads
Jamayne Isaako - Didn't do much wrong, but then he didn't do much at all.
Anthony Milford - Was rusty, but that's to be expected

Disappointing tier:
Darius Boyd - He did a few good things, but some of those defesive reads are unforgivable
Kodi Nikorima - Was disappointing too. Needed to run more. Didn't look threatening for most of the game. Poor kicking. Awful defense.
Jayden Su'a - Didn't do much except drop the ball

N/A tier:
James Roberts
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Wow that live game chat! So much chatting half you Las forgot to watch the game. Nikorima looked way more dangerous than milf. Bird was good. Oates as always was epic. Isaako was good . The middle looked unfit compared to Melbourne but give them time . They will be lethal. Flagler deserved more minutes, was monstrous in defence. TPJ didn't offer too much. Flat footed attack at times, tired most of the time. Defence issues were fitness related. We will be fine this year.


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Well I'm actually encouraged, that second half showed we need to more positive with the ball, we cant just keep bashing it up the middle.

*Edit* Darius's 'attempt' to tackle Bromwich was also sorts of poor tho.
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It might sound dumb but I was actually happy with Birds return his defence was strong and he ran hard.
Yep, he ran hard backwards to run into Kenny b to get tackled for no reason. Ran hard to give a turn over for a run away try at a crucial. Ran hard from the shire for his 800 k welfare check. Only worse contract is D. boyds. Slow plodder twins.

Hats off to Bellamy. Killed us again.

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I'll make a bold prediction re: Bird. He won't last the season at left centre.

It's like when we tried to make Hodges/Tate or Hodges/Folau as a centre pair work. He has a good right foot step and left arm fend. Those are tools that aren't much use in a typical back line movement as a left centre.

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Oh and also: shit house knock on calls. But to be expected playing Melbourne in Melbourne. Could've been way worse for us.


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Time for a young half back to get a shot while it’s early days of the season. Let them build their way into the team. It’s too late to throw them in when the season is on the line. That way nikorima can be bench player to give Macca a spell. Or just sack Macca completely and bring Turpin in.


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Lots of new names in the side, but the same names mentioned post game will still be McCullouch/Nikorima & Boyd.

I'm not saying Milford was good tonight, he was barely noticeable however the broncos hierarchy have hitched their star to their wagon so we are with Milford for the foreseeable future, we have replacements for the aforementioned 3 and i for one am sick to fking death of watching them fail week in week out.
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