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Discussion in 'NRL Live Game Chat' started by Super Freak, May 30, 2018.

    That right there is why Taylor is not a dummy half.
  1. How did Marshall bomb that?
  2. Lol that was intentional from Marshall.

    Another "drop kick"
    This has been a bizarre game.
  3. Shit pass from Ferguson.

    He isn't a fullback.
  4. That should be 10 in the bin for Fonua regardless of whether Tupou scored or not.
  5. Tigers are getting absolutely dudded here.
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  6. cakeGG

    cakeGG NRL Player

    Tigers rorted. There were 3 penalties in that set alone that the **** refs didn't give.
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  7. That front on replay suggested Mahe got rid of the ball before he went out.
  8. Brent81

    Brent81 NRL Player

    That refereeing was shit in that last 5 mins
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  9. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    I've never gotten a donut in my whole history of tipping and I just dodged it by 2 points. Woof.
  10. Tepai Moeroa facing a three game ban for his shoulder charge. Five games if he fights it and loses.
  11. soup

    soup State of Origin Rep

    He should get 5 games minimum. That was the perfect example of why it was outlawed. Could have killed the bloke.
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  12. This is out according to the touchie. Looking at his face during the replay, he had no clue.

    Surely we have better touchies.

    I'm all for a good ol' ref bashing session but that is split second stuff right there. I couldn't be too critical with that one.
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