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    Let's get another try Ramien.

    Give my F/A a big boost.
  1. I'll take a try assist from Townsend.

    He could have scored, though.
  2. Sharks have time here...
    Nah Sharks don't have time now. They need to score twice in 1:26.
  3. How was Moylan back on before Jennings?
  4. 18 points tonight in this one game. Not bad.
  5. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    Tipping in 2018 has to be the hardest thing ever
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  6. Watching the Cowboys press conference, it sounds like JT wants all hits on players that have just passed the ball more harshly penalized, and I find that ridiculous.

    Late hits on players that have just passed the ball, that's fair enough. Penalize them more harshly. But hits that aren't late, to call for them to be penalized more harshly is absolutely ridiculous.
  7. roo-ted

    roo-ted NRL Player

    Did ask for tackles that aren't late to be penalised? I think he was referring to the tackles like the one he coped Thursday night
  8. I'm all for it. They're just cheap shots which don't add to the game whatsoever. Bashing someone into the ground after they've passed the ball is shit behaviour, and all it does is risk injuries. Obviously there needs to be some leniency, if it's within 1 second of the pass (ie almost simultaneous), fair enough, but anything later than that should be harshly penalised. Players are completely defenseless when they've just passed, and while you can argue that's league, it really doesn't add to the spectacle at all. Seeing Milford getting smashed after he's passed isn't good rugby league. Seeing him smashed as he passes, that's good rugby league.

    I'm all for anything that minimise cheap shot merchants in the game, I love a tough, fast, fair game of league, not one where cheap shots that tow the penalty line are common place.
  9. They want tackles where the tackle is made 1 second or longer after the ball is passed to be penalized more harshly.

    Calling for tackles that are 1 second after the ball is passed to be more harshly dealt with is ridiculous as they aren't late. The late ones, I couldn't care about and they probably should be. Although, I think a penalty is sufficient in most cases as most of the time the players just bounce straight back up and keep on playing. For the more severe cases, that's when harsher penalties should come in.
  10. In the 2nd half of the game last night, did anyone else spot Ava Seumanufagai running to the side of the field when the teams came out for the 2nd half?
  11. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

    Brah, NRL posted a clip on Facey of it, so pretty sure a few people saw it haha.

    Was **** hilarious!
  12. ningnangnong

    ningnangnong HACK THE PLANET!!!

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  13. Ryan Matterson is out again for the Roosters.

    Same reason as before, concussion. How hard did Kodi kick that ball?
  14. Knights are 1-17.

    For the Eels, David Gower has been moved to prop with Vave dropped out of the side. Nathan Brown returns on the bench.
  15. Looks like Eels were dudded there.

    I didn't see any touch from an Eels player.
  16. And there goes French for the night.

    **** you Ponga.
  17. Come on just put a **** bandaid on it and hurry up.
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    I would like to know why Gower isn't off for a HIA when he suffered a cut on the head.
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