LIVE Round 17 - Titans vs Broncos

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Disappointing not to get to at least 40 but after a performance as good as that, you can't exactly complain. Awesome stuff, especially from the youngsters who made the "Baby Broncos" look like world beaters.


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Nice game. Super impressed with Turpin
Seems to have good vision and a bit of time. Engaged the markers better than macca and nice pass out it in front.
Pearson has put on good weight and looks really confident.
He leads in try assists in a weak team . He has alot of talent, but yeah his attitude stinks.
He leads in try assists BECAUSE he is in a weak team. Every year there is a playmaker from a bottom team in the top 3-5 try assists. Why? Because they use no other options. Not his fault in that regard, but also isnt a true marker of his ability to create a try. If we ONLY used milford as an option to score tries, his try assists would sky rocket. But we arent shit...

Mr Fourex

State of Origin Rep
Yep. Might not be the tackling machine but his service is fast and sharp and he’s making good decisions.
Mate...he looked like a tackling machine to me. He nailed everything that came his way. Agree generally good did it look for the halves to get snappy service and have a dummy half who can think on his feet.

Turpin is the goods. Macca is so frustrating.... I bet there's a junior halfback who could kill it as well
I think Macca needs a break after origin to refresh
I hope McCullough gets an extended break and Turpin gets to play more NRL for us .......before we lose him.

Andrew McCullough is the new Peter Wallace. Solid player....good defender, but we'll never win a premiership while he's in the first grade team. Unfortunately, McCullough appears to be locked in and he will spend the next few years **** blocking any other genuine talent coming through.
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