POST GAME Round 19 - Titans vs Broncos


State of Origin Captain
First half was good, the reshuffle to the left edge in the 2nd opened us up a lot until Boyd went to centre.

Definitely took the foot off the pedal in the second half.

Our forward pack is just deadly


NRL Player
Decent win defence still poor. The top teams will tear us apart if we cant somehow improve

Big Pete

International Captain

We're the Broncos
The mighty Broncos
We keep fighting every second till the end

We're the Broncos
The greatest team on earth
We're the heart of all Queensland

Never stop
We never rest
On and on
We beat the best
Never giving up we bleed maroon and gold

For the league
We risk it all
Miles above
We're standing tall
We're the finest and the greatest club of all

We're the Broncos
The mighty Broncos
We keep fighting every second till the end

We breathe in our soul
The best game of all
We are the Broncos of Queensland

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NRL Player
Second half was played in second gear because we did not want any further points against us and we have the Storm coming up next week. I was pleased with the first half when it mattered.

Boyd made his tackles (except for the one that led to their second try) and controlled the middle of the field. The forwards and teh rest of the backs owned our twenty and looked like they could score at will in theirs. I thought Kennedy went good for the minutes he got, but not that sure about Palasia.


QCup Player
Milf looking sharp and fit in the 1.
Darius looking better in the 6, however keeps falling off tackles. Twice he dropped off players tonight and as a result they were able to make big meters. A team like the storm would make us pay big time.

Dazza 92

NRL Player
230 odd metres and 30 tackles......I give you the best prop in the game and ROTY 2019.....Mr Haas..!!
- Merged

anyone got a pick for the next game..??....I give Manly a real chance tonight..??
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