LIVE Round 21 - Bulldogs vs Broncos

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I don’t care how good Isaako’s boot is. We can’t have him running in to kick for touch each time. Just kick the fucking thing and get on the front foot.

I bleed Maroon

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The thing that really shits me is that every year we sneak in to the 8, lose first round and bow out and everyones like "it's okay we made the finals". I'm sorry, but as a one team city, with all the third party deals in the world, that's not fucking good enough. Look at the Roosters and Storm. Really, they are the only other teams who have the sort of financial resources we do, and every year they are top 4 contenders.

Honestly, when did it last look like we would actually win a comp? Don't say 2015, because honestly we weren't that great that year at all. To me, we haven't looked a chance since Lockyer left. A lots happened since then, gone through 2 coaches, and brought back an old dinosaur who has done nothing but **** teams over the past 6 years.

We need a new coach, a new captain, and for severl of our team to be moved on.
We carry this competition in everything; memberships, crowd attendance, ratings...and yet we receive the least penalties of any team in the comp and haven't won a Premiership in over a decade while the likes of the Roosters and Souffs have.

It's time to face the ugly truth, as long as the Broncos are such a successful BUSINESS, the NRL couldn't give two shits if we ever lift the trophy again.
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Any team with a negative for and against after 20 rounds shouldn't be in the 8... We have been fucking horrendous for 3 seasons. We are actually so fucked looking forward... Soooo much money tied up on players who can't get on the field, and ones that do, but shouldn't.

Boyd, Bird, Gillett, McGuire all until end of 2021. Nikorima end of 2020.

Seriously... who makes these decisions.

And for the Milford haters, yes he has been pretty poor tonight, but it's hard to be good when you have no support. We need an actual halfback, an actual captain and a lock who does more than make 6m per hitup.


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I love how we don’t try and score in the 30mins after halftime and then come alive in the last 10


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Milford just tried to barge over .. tbf it’s probably the more effective choice atm
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