LIVE Round 22 Discussion


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Raiders’ completion rate was like 26 from 26 at one stage. Roosters 22 from 24. Further proof that results in this comp are heavily affected by completion rates.
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As others have said, the fact that he put his hands up and actually interfered is 100% on purpose. You don't get out of the way by putting your hands up where the ball is going.
How did he interfere?

You put your hands up when getting back onside to signal you're making no attempt to get involved. A lot of players do that.

He doesn't touch the ball, the pass was an absolute shocker and went over the Sharks players head and Asiata doesn't deny him a chance to grab the ball.

Where is the interference? A professional foul is an intentional act of foul play in a try scoring situation.

The incident does not tick any of those boxes.

Thurston had every right to be livid. That was a deadset rubbish call.


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Sometimes I wonder if they just don't get it, like the think the salary cap is related solely to the 30 man squad. Like you can't have more than 30 players and that is the only restriction.

"I don't get it Nick, they keep saying we are cheating the cap because we are looking to sign Taupau but we will be releasing Reece Robinson - What's the issue?"


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I'd love to know what the Roosters total salary spend would be including TPAs.

In saying that, we'd be right up there as well.

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