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    Excellent. He'd be on top of the world now if he turned around at the start of season 2016 and told the world how shattered he was, how disappointed he was and how he felt that he'd let his team mates down. In other words taken ownership. Exposed the wound, been totally open about it and said, that was my **** up and I'm going to do my best to learn from it. Let it scab over and scar up.
  1. The Sharks things a dream but at least they'll turn up next week. Newcastle will make a game of it but they've only got 45-50 minutes of top class football in them. They're on the improve though. Next year they'll be fighting for a spot in the eight.
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    TBF Hunt was bought as a partner for widdop. It's the amount they were prepared to pay that has made it matter so much.
    When you get pumped like that there is no way it is one person's fault.
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