PRE-GAME [Round 5, 2024] Broncos vs Storm

Storm vs Broncos


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Ashley Klein is going to referee this match we are so fucked
annoyed season 1 GIF by Animals
Munster has been pulling up okay after training.

He's playing tomorrow night.
Reckon you can smuggle a sniper rifle in for when Klein inevitably pings the broncos for some obscure rule not enforced in 25 years?

I'm 100% certain bhq folks will chip in for plastic surgery and a fresh start in Brisbane when the cops come looking for the gunman.

Problem is that guy has more lives than a cat.
A young lad came to work on Tuesday in a Redcliffe shirt. Yesterday he came in a Storm shirt. I said to him you really don’t want to make friends here do you?
He said he doesn’t follow one team and has most shirts.

I asked him if his name was Blore. That’s the sort of thing a Blore would do. Dickhead.
My eldest son used to flip flop teams, until I sat him down and said he had to pick one only - he chose the sharks and they won the comp the following year. This year, he's back on the Broncos bandwagon and I'm allowing it.

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