Season Preview Up on Roar

Thanks once again who all contributed . I put 90% of your Answers as the editors cut some parts out due to being to long .
Regards and watch out for previews for other teams.

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It’s a stretch to call Haas and Fifita the best forwards. The best young or up-and-coming forwards, perhaps, but there are plenty of guys out there with more runs on the board and proven consistency. It wouldn’t surprise me to see both of those guys suffer from second-year syndrome… well, maybe not Haas.
Second-year syndrome in their third season. Maybe Haas as his first season was just 1 and a bit games.


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So it's not really an article?

Just a selection of quotes from BHQ?
I like it as a concept though... typically the fans do know the most about a club.

Good promotion for BHQ as well

Also if it's not the fans it would be some tripe from a journo claiming Boyd would be back in the halves or some shit because they have no idea
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