Shaun Johnson could be squeezed out of Cronulla by salary cap

Discussion in 'The Rumour Mill' started by I bleed Maroon, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. I bleed Maroon

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    Here we go, second chance draw, and this time we have Moose and possibly Kahu's money available to throw around.

    6. Milford
    7. Johnson

    14. Nikorima

    I dunno boys, something about this just screams "obvious".
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  3. Sproj


    No. He’d still cost a lot and the Broncs have the best young team in the comp with a million halves coming through. The current two are also very good and will surprise a lot this season. Johnson is too similar to both Milf and KNik. Considering what would be his price tag, it isn’t worth it.
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    We won’t have to pay full price for Johnson.

    The Sharks will have to pay part of his salary.
  4. holdzy89

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    Niko deserves another go, but realistically if you can get a player like Johnson, you get him. With proper coaching and a good team, he could be top tier imo.

    Wont happen though, too much ego.
  5. Tom

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    Admittedly I haven't watched him play in a while. Can he play to a structure yet or is it still all off-the-cuff ala Sandow?
  6. Shawn
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  7. I bleed Maroon

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    Oh **** blow me.
  8. Except they might not be able to pay him all of it due to the cap issue.
  9. Cult3

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  10. We should definitely buy him. F*ck the salary cap. Roosters do. Just do whatever they do to get away with it...
  11. As much as I'd like to have him, I think I'm almost at the point where I'd rather see what we've got with Dearden, O'Sullivan, Boyd, Paix & Dargan.

    Surely at least 1-2 of those guys will proceed to be above average NRL halves.
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  12. I’m sick of waiting to see. If we need to go and buy a premiership we should do it. It’s what everyone else is trying to do.
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  13. Stu_9

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    Why is it that a lot are so keen of SJ? I am really yet to see him live up too the hype (consistently.)
    I think we are better keeping onto the likes of niko & o’sullivan rather then taking a gamble on SJ, which wouldn’t be cheap - to then possibly loose out on keeping some of the great up and coming talent we having coming through..
    If we could get him cheap then I understand, but something is telling me he wouldn’t come cheap at all, not to mention we are nearly at the end of pre season and may throw a few of our plays and structures into disarray, just my 2cents.
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  14. Morkel


    For me anyway, it's the hope that his inconsistency is a symptom of how erratic the Warriors are across the board - from the playing roster right through to coaching and management. It would be almost impossible for any player to be consistently good in that sort of system (players like Mannering being an exception), let alone a half, who lives and dies with the platform set for them. Playing for a club with more structure will allow him to find his own consistency, I'm sure of it.
  15. We haven't really been waiting at all, we thought Hunt was our guy, he wasn't. It would be irresponsible to go out right now and spend big money on a Halfback when we have 5 guys laying in wait between the ages of 17-20 who at one stage or another have been touted as a superstar in the making. We'd be INCREDIBLY unlucky for all of them to be flops in first grade.
  16. Wolfie

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    If Johnson at 28 hasnt found any consistency in his game i dont think he ever will tbh. The warriors erratic nature never seem to stop Stacy Jones performing most weeks for them.
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  17. What does SJ have that Niko doesn't, other than a relatively ok kicking game?
    I don't think he would cover the most obviously glaring deficiency in our roster, which is lack of attacking organisation, especially against set defenses in the last 20.
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  18. JAHHW

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    The ability to see over the cigarette counter at Woolies?
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  19. Morkel


    I love Niko, and want him to succeed.

    But SJ is like Niko on V. Just a bit bigger, faster, stronger, um, side-steppier.
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