Shaun Johnson could be squeezed out of Cronulla by salary cap

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    How would the Broncos even be able to afford him?

    I'm also wary about his departure from the Warriors. You don't release a player of Shaun's ability unless you've got a replacement ready or there's something awfully wrong behind the scenes. The Warriors seem to be going through a cultural change, suggesting that Shaun was just as much a problem as anybody.
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  1. Or the coach is a proven useless prick who doesn't know talent, or how to extract talent from a player.
  2. Kearney has never struck me as the type of coach who just lets quality talent walk out on a club.
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    Sure. let's accept that at face value for the sake of the argument.
    Is he worth the undoubtedly significant price difference because of that, while it still doesn't address our main issue?
  3. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Can you elaborate? Seemed like the same old Warriors to me last season.
  4. Last year you could see the impact Alex Corvo had made on their conditioning and they were more cohesive than they had been for a long time (at least since Cleary's reign). The Warriors of the past were renown for only playing in phases and losing the tight games, whereas last season they were consistent across the 80. They still produced the odd shocker here or there, but they won 15 games, over twice as many as the year before and the most since 2003.
  5. Caniffe


    Before preseason, maybe

    This late? No
  6. Old Mate

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  7. 007

    007 QCup Player

    No, save the cash.
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  8. Foordy


    nope ... we don't need him.

    if Nikorima fails again, then we have some good options in SOS and Dearden ... all a **** load cheaper than SJ
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  9. JAHHW

    JAHHW QCup Player

    Not to mention closer to the beginning of their career than the end.

    I know there isn’t much of a yardstick to measure off, but I really liked what I saw of O’Sullivan in the trial at the weekend.

    He just looked composed.

    I mentioned it elsewhere, but from what I have seen of him, he seems to have that uncoachable nous for halves play.

    Haven’t seen much of the other 3 we’ve got when it comes to playing against men, but Dearden would appear to be at the front of that pack, for the time being at least.
  10. Jedhead

    Jedhead QCup Player

    Kearney has done well with the Warriors since taking over. Don't forget the last time we were playing well and in a GF he was the assistant coach with us. Coincidence that we went backwards after he left?
  11. holdzy89

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  12. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    We you can only go backwards really from playing in a grand final unless of courses you win a grand final.
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  13. Don't see the point IMO as the money that would be required to sign him would be better spent elsewhere like retaining key players for the future. For Nikorima this is the season he needs to make his mark at halfback he doesn't have the luxury of certainty he enjoyed last season now with O'Sullivan, Dearden and other youngsters on the radar.
  14. Alec

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    There were a whole bunch of changes since then. We lost Walters as coach too, Hunt's confidence got absolutely shattered, Hodges retired (and as good as Roberts can be, he's nowhere near Hodges).
  15. Jedhead

    Jedhead QCup Player

    Your logic is bordering on tautology, but nevertheless its a good point to make.
    Would gladly take him but no way it happens.

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