Should Accused Players be Suspended?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by Sirlee oldman, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Judge agreed with De Bellin today in court. Unless the NRL get the rule into place before next week, he is free to play round 1. I would suspect they will have it in before then but they will have to be very careful with the wording as he will challenge to legality of it immediately and rightly so might I add. What ever happen to innocent until proven guilty.
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    Unfuckingbelievable lol
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  3. But... just not surprising. I really thought Toddy was on a role this week too.
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    Just goes to show how inept and useless greenturd and the rest of the clowns are at head office. Ban a bloke/multiple blokes without even having the rule in place and ratified.
    Even if they can squeeze this rule through it will get challenged formally in the courts again and all signs are pointing to a win for de Belin.
  5. I wonder who will be paying JDB’s legal costs?
  6. I think it's stupid that the courts have any say over a private competition. Just like South's bullshit. Butt the **** out, NRL's game, not the player's.
  7. I think it's great the courts have a say. NRL can do as they please but it should be within the confines of the legal system. If it's unfair to stand players down and the courts rule that way, great. If they say it's fair, also great then the players need to shut up and accept it.
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    Are you saying you don't want any laws applying to NRL player's welfare, safety, payments, contracts, basic rights?
  9. No. I want the NRL to be able to say "Righto Club X - You're shit, no more licence" and "Alright you might have done something really fucked up and it's a bad image, go sit down for a bit".

    The NRL should be able to make rules as they please for their own game.
  10. So you don't want employment law to apply to the NRL? You've also said "he might have done something fucked up" this is exactly why he's taking this to court because people will repeat the line you just said and assume guilt. It's imperative he is treated as someone who is 100% innocent until a court of law determines otherwise. There can't even be a "might" in there.

    NRL can police their game as they see fit but it is a game where people are paid a salary and dedicate their lives and risk their safety to play, they should at least be treated fairly in the eyes of the law. If fairly means suspended with pay, I guess we'll soon find out.

    FWIW I don't think the judge will overturn the ruling moving forward but what he rules on applying it retrospectively, that'll be interesting.
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  12. Employment laws include provisions for sitting people out of work. The cops do it every second day.
  13. Me
  14. Not the same thing. They are held at a far higher standard because of the power they have which could be used in the wrong way.

    I'm curious to see what the courts think. Can/should a player be stood down on a charge alone? The fact that it's with pay I can't see why the courts would overturn in. If they can backdate a rule though, that'll be interesting.

    Would you like UT changing rules retrospectively that affect your potential earnings? I wouldn't.
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    But it is not just cops. In private business staff will be stood down if they are facing serious charges for the good of them and the company.

    Honestly I think De Belin is being a fuckwit, just get over it. You are the one that put yourself in this situation. Whether or not he actually raped her we won't know, but even in his version of events he has done enough to bring the game into disrepute.

    I don't buy the argument that being stood down influences what people think. People would have already made up their mind on his guilt one way or the other, no one is changing their mind because he has been stood down with pay on a no fault stand-down.
  16. JDB is being a fuckwit because he believes he is innocent and because of that is fighting for his right to play...

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    Now that St. George Bank are threatening to pull sponsorship I wonder if that changes things for the Dragons?

    I know they have come out and said they are not funding De Belin, but surely if they lose their major sponsor over this then they need to sit him down and say just cop it sweet.
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  19. Yeah it's probably in their contracts, that's exactly what I'm getting at here. Can they apply it retrospectively? I think it's a fair question and I don't think JDB should be crucified for exploring his legal rights. JDB needs to look after himself, ST Merge need to look after their business interests too. If I was CEO there I'd have stood him down the same morning charges were laid.

    I'm not saying JDB is right or wrong but I think he's totally justified in asking the question. The NRL have essentially introduced new rules and applied it retrospectively, in most contracts that won't fly. Clearly they could not ban him under the current rules or they would have already.
    WTF? Why would having a consensual (according to his version) threesome with some chick and a mate be enough to bring the game into disrepute? That'll do me!

    If he raped the girl, throw the **** book at him, but at this point as far as I know, we have 2 opposed accounts of the events from the people involved, as well as evidence of rough sex, which judging by the videos going around, seems to be a thing...
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