Should Accused Players be Suspended?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by Sirlee oldman, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Good point nothing wrong with that and it isn’t a bad look for the NRL, I’ll just confirm that with his partner.

    Not saying it is a crime or anything past being a shit thing to do but surely the NRL would prefer their players don’t cheat on their partners by **** some chick with another guy behind their backs. Yes that’s not a crime but it just players into the narrative that footy players are fuckwits.

    I’m not suggesting if that is all this is you should be stood down for that but if there is deemed to be enough evidence to satisfy the police and prosecutor then just sit the **** down and use the time to prepare for the fight of your life.
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    His wife should be the only person to give him grief if she has a problem with it. Divorce the moron and take him to the cleaners for it, but no, that is not anywhere near bringing the game into disrepute, no matter how she feels about it.

    As to the rest, presumption of innocence trumps the NRL's sudden butt hurt because they never acted decisively upon the many fuckwits actually found guilty of all kinds of offenses, and now have the results of their lack of steel vomited on their lap.

    Unless your profession requires the highest ethical standards, like doctors, police, govt or justice servants, there is no reason to stand you down until you actually are proven guilty, especially if that isn't specifically written in your contract.

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