VOTE Should Milford be dropped immediately?

Should Milford be dropped immediately?

  • Yes

    Votes: 113 87.6%
  • No, that would be too easy. He should suffer longer.

    Votes: 16 12.4%

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State of Origin Captain
Months ago. Anyone who has a clue could see he wasn’t stepping up when needed. He had all of the excuses and now everyone is noticing. He doesn’t have it. Have him repay McDonald’s for his years of free shit too. Small print on his contract says they have to pay it all back the moment they leave the club


QCup Player
Yes. There is no upside or growth to keep persisting. Other guys here have suggested he might do better under hard arse coaches so it’s cheerio for me. All in on the youth now for me And can take his left edge mates with him who clearly didn’t give a **** that we lost the way we did.


NRL Player
Milford should have gone after the roosters game.
But as we are well aware, players at the Broncos don’t get dropped, unless they sleep in their cars after a night out.
Darius has been playing as shit as Milford for the last 3yrs and hasnt sat a game out.
I just watched the presser, gave me absolutely no confidence that Dearden will get a run next week. I think he is too worried that it may hurt dearden as he is still young, yet he is happy to chuck in Niu and Coates in first grade? His tactics make no sense, just like his coaching style.
The broncos have fkd up as a club, and we are in massive trouble. I cannot see anything getting any better, anytime soon.


NRL Player
Can I vote yes twice?

Mitchell Pearce spent a decade as a laughing stock at Origin level bir right now he’s light years ahead of Milford as a player.
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QCup Player
I think Seibs knew this day would come and waited for a string of stinkers to justify With the constant references to Dearden being the future. the more philosophical bhq members might find some comfort in this with Dearden to get a good run of games and commit longer term.


What, me worry?
I've been pretty bearish on Milford over the last couple of years but **** me, he has no shapes to work with. There was a moment in the second half where he got the ball with some space and was running with the ball in two hands but no one ran a line or hit a hole or came underneath him. They all just watched him and offered nothing.

Surely this is a coaching issue which stems back to Wayne's days as well where we also looked pretty clueless much of the time. I think if we got some attacking shapes for our halves to work with, we'd see a bit more from Milford.

One thing that shits me though is how he just sits back and doesn't inject himself into the game when we need him. I know we need him to step up but surely Seibold can see that we have absolutely no shape in attack at all.

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