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People say that Americans only like their own sports, but that's not true. Soccer at times is its own worst enemy in the way its run with parochial nationalism, nepotism and huge corruption in its administration, yet still grows year to year. League doesn't have to compete with any of the major sports or even soccer for that matter. All it has to do is promote itself to a niche market, perhaps promoting itself as an off-season compliment to grid-iron (training for off-season high school and college players). Use funds to "encourage" a named college player to participate (without making him ineligible for college football). Offer a traineeship model for elite players that offers pre-season training with an NRL club and education at an Australian university. Round it o up with promotional tours of disadvantaged high schools.
It wouldnt be a lot different to what we do here, except we would have to play on its novelty, then build on its natural combative, yet suprisingly relatively injury free play, promoting it as a "tough" test of character, in the places where boys and young men want an avenue to prove it. Its a working mans game where everyone is equal and only athletic ability, skill but mainly sheer courage and determination decide between winners and losers.
Put it this way: they televise fly-fishing as a sport. If you are desperate enough to watch that for a sporting fix, league is an easy sell.


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Thanks for reply Tstev.

Wonder what sort of job he has seeing he was going to be paid 400 a win 200 a loss....which would be hard to get if not even getting in the side

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