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Is there a Front row partnership in the NRL that can match Matt Lodge and Payne Haas right now?

Personally I don't think there is, as a pair they just chew through the metres, there's not much between their good and bad games and they are defensively solid. You barely see them driven backwards, and if they are it takes 4 defenders to do it. For big men they both have huge motors and can play long minutes. From all reports their training efforts can't be faulted, they're both team players...

I'm going to say it now, if we can keep these two for the next 10 years and their work ethic remains the same, they will be the greatest front row pairing any club has ever seen. Haas will also become the first front rower to win the overall dally m.

big k

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Wouldn't surprise me if Haas goes close to winning it this year.
If he does get atleast rookie of the year I'd be shocked. But then Ben Hunt was the highest place halfback in 15 buy a long way, almost took out the whole dally m and didn't even get halfback of the year. Nothing I guess surprises me anymore with the NRL


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If Lodge played for a Sydney club the media would be on their knees for him. He has a similar output to Klemmer with attacking upside that Klemmer doesn’t have and he’s 23 years old so will only get better. Haas as we all know is on another planet and will go down as the best forward in RL history.
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Lodge has too many penalties in him lately. Didn't one lead to a try last night? He was pretty solid at the start of the season
He's pretty solid in nearly every game he plays. He went high on someone last night, but he was huge for us.


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If the coaching staff can formulate a way to play behind what these guys are delivering we will be a top 4 side next year.
Not while we have a passenger in Boyd in the Team. While he was alright last night, we're still literally playing with 12 men and a passenger in captain. Unless he gets moved to left centre Seibs simply won't drop him or won't be allowed to because he's undroppable and we can't have the experiment with him in the halves next year.


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Addin Fonua-Blake and Marty Taupau would have to be seriously considered for their front row partnership.

I reckon we get the title though purely because Haas is an absolute freak.

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