SOO 2013 General discussion thread


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Merry Christmas everyone

It was a great series in 1998 although I've watched just that 2nd game but I can easily watch the Queensland wins. The only downside to that victory in the second game was that Adam McDougall and Rodney Howe who was MOM tested positive to some kind of steroid which was prescribed to Howe to overcome a knee injury.

Howe was simply unstoppable that night making 25 tackles and 24 runs for 192 meters.


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was referring to Rodney Howe who was the official Man of the Match and played like a man possessed.
Oh, that elephant! I'm with you now. Completely forgot about Rodney Howe that night. I remember reading about him in Gordie's book. Tallis had vivid memories of that night and he talked about how Howe was just unstoppable. He writes about trying to put a big shot on him and bouncing straight off. Not many people got the better of Gordie in a physical contest.


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If anyone's interested game 3 2013 is on fox sports 3 now! Great way to end Christmas with QLD beating the blues! Go the Maroons!


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Sold! Have wanted a QLD jersey for a while but the exorbitant prices turned me off. Thanks [MENTION=8318]BroncosAlways[/MENTION], order placed!

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