State of Origin POTS - Game 3 - VOTE HERE!!!


3. Parker
2. Thurston
1. Smith

Parker is getting seriously impressive.
3. Thurston
2. Parker
1. Smith

3. J Morris
2. Carney
1. B Morris
3. Thurston
2. Parker
1. Inglis
3. Myles
2. Parker
1. Thurston

Surprised no one else has had Myles in their top three - I thought he was huge. Was always available for a run even towards the end when he was clearly out on his feet. Inspirational stuff.

Inglis extremely unlucky to miss out. His strength is just so damn impressive!
3. Thurston
2. Myles
1. Inglis

Very tough on Parker, he was great.
I'll try and count these up later in the week if I get a chance.

Voting for game three is still open!
Actually, scratch that. I'm just gonna add 'em all up now.
POTS Results


3. Johnathan Thurston
2. Corey Parker
1. Greg Inglis

Thurston-----5 points
Tate---------3 points
Smith--------3 points
Myles--------2 points
Parker-------2 points
Cronk--------1 point
Hannant------1 point
Inglis-------1 point

New South Wales

3. Josh Morris
2. Robbie Farah
1. Luke Lewis

Farah--------7 points
Bird---------3 points
Gallen-------3 points
Morris-------3 points
Lewis--------2 points
Congrats to Johnathan Thurston and Robbie Farah on being selected as BHQ's POTS for their respective states!
To be honest, a bit surprised with Thurston's selection. He was very good in Game 3, but still nowhere near what he's capable of IMO. But hey, that's democracy :P
Game 2 was I think the worst SOO game I've seen JT play.......

Myles was great all series.
Myles was unlucky but never really a stand out upon first viewing.

I thought JT was one of our best in Game 1.

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