-NEWS- Tevita Pangai Jr turns down NSW State of Origin chance to commit to Tonga


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If anything it should be dont cry for me NSW or Freddy Fittler. Why would Fifita be bothered? Just because it was close to a play on Evita (see what I did there?) they produce this? Really what a load of hairy old bollocks.


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This is great news for Tevita, i think? What concerns me is so many backflips...who is around him to influence him so easily? Seems so strange to double back on a decision like this right ahead of his career potentially taking off. I personally know some of the Tonga boys and they have a strong strong movement, however a lot of the decisions are impulsive. This is not a decision that Tevita needed to make now - he potentially has another 10 years of league ahead of him.
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He's a bit impulsive - maybe he was told he wasn't consistent enough to play Origin this year and went 'I'm out!'.


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He's a bit impulsive - maybe he was told he wasn't consistent enough to play Origin this year and went 'I'm out!'.
I like to hope someone talked to him and made him realise the importance of playing for his team, and not chasing Origin glory just because. Or the coach told him he's more valuable to us without Origin.


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The thing I like most about this, is that it appears that money isn't a motivator for him. This is potentially sacrificing $90,000 a year from origin, more if he played for Australia as well. That's a bit loss of income. This could be an indication that money isn't motivating him, and that he will stay with us on less money. OR it could be an indication that the roosters are giving him $1 mil a year and $90,000 is pocket change now... :p


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Ahah wishful thinking? Haas has the potential to be a legacy forward for NSW. He is unbelievable.
Hopefully he can help us in redeeming the 8 series losses...
You forget *consecutive*, haha.

But yes, for the Broncos and QLD sake, I hope he commits to whatever second tier team he is eligible for!

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