-NEWS- The Brisbane Broncos’ secret weapon for disrupting the NRL top eight


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I do have to say, macca was on the end of one of my favourite recent era broncos tries. The one against the roosters in the 2015 prelim. The one where hunt gets it on the right of the ruck, the is a dummy runner directly next to him on the inside but hunt throws it behind, to milford who breaks the line then throws an inside pass to hunt supporting and hunt does likewise to macca who scores. I loved that play.
Darius Boyd scored one of my favourite ever tries in the same game. And set one up for an all-time great Jack Reed. Thaiday even had a great game that year against the Roosters. Sigh, it was all sooo long ago.

Slippin Jimmy

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Turpin is a high energy everything at speed type player , not sure about footy smarts and definitely not similar to cam Smith.
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That's a Jason demetriou special, he's big on his hooker and halves combing through the middle.
Wasn't Demetriou assistant at the Cows in 2015?


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Have you not been paying attention for the last two seasons? Broncos have a habit of beating the top teams and losing to the average to bog average ones. Although manly has been far from average lately.
That was true last year. We’ve had one win against a top team this year and only recently started beating the poor ones.

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