CRICKET Third Test- Australia v South Africa

I thought the only thing Agar brought was accuracy... but he can't land anything.

Absolutely horrendous selection so far
If they weren't prepared to pick a specialist spinner who is going well in Sheffield Shield then they should have picked Lance Morris who would compliment the attack nicely.

It was a pretty standard decision they had to make and they found a way to make the worst one possible.
Elgar’s batting is a meme.
Elgar down the leg side again!!!
**** sake why did we have to sit through 3 overs of Agar
I am sure there are fans on facebook (you know, the die hards) thinking it doesn't matter if we don't win but it absolutely does matter.

There's no harder tour than India, for us at least. We don't get a result here then it means we have to get a win over there and that's not a sure thing. We could still miss the WTC final if we don't win today and we get rolled 4-0 in India.
**** sake more Agar... I think he's bowled the most overs so far this innings... what is doing?!?
Have these umpires given any LBW's this test... that looked plumb.

There were two earlier from Lyon against Harmer that also looked out... the first one looked plumb in that instance as well
Ump has no clear vision on this catch so he shouldn't be able to overturn this... can't even see the grass on any of these shots
That is ridiculous... the umpire cannot even see the grass to be able to say that it's hit the ground.
I suppose this will be not out as well... fucking umps in this match have been bullshit.
At this point just bring everyone in around the bat... they need a wicket every 2-3 overs at this point

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