Two Refs Could Become Permanent.

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Major JW Hochstetter

NRL Player
Mar 4, 2008
Overhaul for refs, judiciary

THE NRL's trial of two referees could become permanent next season while video officials and the judiciary have been handed more power in 2008.

The two referee system received mixed responses from players and coaches when used in preseason trials, but the NRL is pushing ahead with plans to ease the workload on officials and therefore improve performance.

Video referees can now be called upon to decide on stripping while the tightening of grapple tackle rules and the reduction of panel members has decreased the odds of players beating charges at the judiciary.

An independent review is also looking at all aspects of refereeing. Due in April, the report could recommend the introduction of two officials and highlight ways to improve recruitment, retention and standards. ... 66,00.html

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