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  1. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    1. Fanitesi Niu (Logan Brothers)
    2. Alo-fiana Khan-Pereira (Burleigh)
    3. Will Evans (Burleigh)
    4. Ezra Coulston (Carina)
    5. Ryan Garner (Burleigh)
    6. Joshua James (West Mitchelton)
    7. Tom Deardon (Currumbin)
    8. Lance Bagon (Carina)
    9. Jake Simpkins (Southern Suburbs Toowoomba)
    10. Stepharn Holo (Helensvale)
    11. Eli Morgan (Burleigh)
    12. Tristan Powell (West Mitchelton)
    13. Nelson Grove (Burleigh)

    14. Zach Brooks (Valleys)
    15. Tahu Kingi (Waterford Devils)
    16. Myphala Ah Cong (Brothers St. Brandons)
    17. Feao Maka (Logan Brothers)
    18. Bailey Biondi-Odo (Innisfail)
    1. Albert Hopoate (Manly)
    2. Cooper Jenkins (Newcastle)
    3. Bradman Best (Newcastle)
    4. Aaron Schoupp (Illawarra)
    5. Max Feagai (Illawarra)
    6. Kaeo Weekes (Manly)
    7. Thomas Demeio (Cronulla)
    8. Samuel Hughes (Parramatta)
    9. Jed Edwards (Parramatta)
    10. Filimaua Filimaua-Tau (Manly)
    11. Ben Trbojevic (Manly)
    12. Josh Schuster (Manly)
    13. Jaron Purcell (Newcastle)

    14. Tyler Field (Parramatta)
    15. David Hollis (Parramatta)
    16. Harry Croker (Newcastle)
    17. Blake Dowel (Illawarra)
    18. Kobe Rugless (Sydney)
    Coach: Kurt RichardsCoach: Brad Fittler
    Referee: Dave Munroe
    Touch Judges: Jordan Morel & Isaac Freeman
    Date: Wednesday, July 12
    Venue: Suncorp Stadium
    Kick-Off: 5:50pm
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  2. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    Which guys are aligned to the Broncos and who should we watch out for?
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  3. Broncos rep. Will Evans scores the opening try for Queensland.

    4-0 Queensland after 6.

    Kick to come.
    Coulston converts from near the sideline.

    6-0 Queensland.
  4. Bagon and Deardon go close but the Blues defence manages to hold them out. James toes the ball through and forces a goal line drop out.
  5. Deardon with a good option, spots the Blues defence is up and puts a kick through for Powell. Feagai is there for NSW as Queensland receive another goal line restart.
  6. James tries to stab a kick for Garner but it's plucked by Field for NSW.

    The Blues survive five consecutive sets.
  7. The Blues go through the hands and Jenkins scores a simple try down the left.

    Queensland 6-4, 24 gone.
  8. Niu wraps around Coulston and fires a pass off to Khan-Pereira who takes the Blues on down the sideline and manages to score a miraculous try. Thank god video referees aren't in Under 16s.

    Coulston nails it again from the sideline.

    12-4 Queensland, 29 gone.
  9. HT

    Queensland 12 (Evans, Khan-Pereira tries; Coulston 2/2 goals) lead New South Wales 4 (Jenkins try)

    Queensland with a dream half of football, but should lead by more. The Khan-Pereira try was an important try in the context of the game.
  10. Just saw the replay, fair dinkum try imo.
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  11. Garner runs towards the sideline and gets dragged over touch deep inside his half.

    Big opportunity here for the Blues.
  12. Blake Dowel powers over and scores an important try for NSW.

    Schaup converts.

    12-10 Queensland.

    15 to go.
  13. Tom

    Tom State of Origin Rep

    Can we get a main game thread up?
  14. Danoz Direct

    Danoz Direct NRL Captain

    Garner has been average over the last 15 minutes. Completely swung the momentum against Queensland and and bad defensive read there.
  15. Well that was stupid... I lost count of how many times a Qld player slipped over and fell, taking his team mate(s) with him. Twice, what should've been a repeat set to NSW, became a break out for them, including that last play of the game, which cost Qld dearly after coming back to 16-all.
    Maybe pay more attention to which type of cleats to wear?

    P.S. Can't believe the amount of monsters NSW had in their team... it proved a difference in the end imo.
  16. Heart-breaker.

    Queensland level the scores with minutes remaining. Coulston's conversion is on line but just falls short. James attempts a long range field goal which manages to stay in the field of play. Queensland chase in a staggered line, Hopoate gets around the defence, combines with Best and he scores a run-away try to seal it for the Blues.

    Queensland were the better side for the majority of the game, but a couple of mistakes at crucial times allowed the Blues to steal it.

    New South Wales 22 (Jenkins, Dowel, Schoupp, Best tries; Schoupp 3/4 goals) defeat Queensland 16 (Khan-Pereira 2, Evans tries; Coulston 2/3 goals)
  17. Dexter


    Young blokes got a kick in the arse. They gave up on the chase from the field goal until they realised out wasn't going dead.
    Staggered line did the rest.
  18. ivanhungryjak

    ivanhungryjak NRL Captain

    How about the kickers in that game though? It's getting to the stage where sideline conversions are expected to go over now.
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