Wests Tigers reportedly set to face NRL sanctions over alleged salary cap breach

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    The Australian Rugby League Commission will reportedly come down hard on the Wests Tigers on Tuesday over bombshell revelations surrounding an undisclosed $400,000 agreement with veteran Robbie Farah.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports the Commission will meet on Tuesday where they will have to make a final decision on disciplinary action against the Tigers.
    It comes as the Commission will also make a decision surrounding disciplinary action against Sharks coach Shane Flanagan after an NRL integrity unit investigation into the club’s salary cap scandal discovered evidence he breached the terms of his suspension for governance failures surrounding the club’s infamous supplements scandal.

    The integrity unit reportedly discovered evidence that showed Flanagan was in contact with club officials during his suspension in 2014, violating the terms of his suspension. The NRL has the power to deregister Flanagan from any NRL position if they deem the breach to be serious enough.
    The report claims Cronulla is considering cutting ties with Flanagan should the NRL decide to hand down a suspension for the 2019 season.
    The investigation into Cronulla’s alleged 2015 salary cap breaches is not expected to be finalised until 2019.
    The Sharks are reportedly still dragging their feet on Flanagan’s future, despite the premiership-winning mentor coming off contract at the end of 2019.
    The Sharks mentor is now reportedly considering walking away from the game if the NRL decides to take serious action against him.
    The Commission’s decision surrounding the Tigers’ breach is much more complicated because of the nature of the reported agreement with Farah for a future four-year ambassadorial position with the club following his expected retirement at the end of 2019.

    The $400,000 deal was reportedly promised to Farah by Tigers chief executive Justin Pascoe during Farah’s messy exit from the club in 2016.
    Farah was eventually released by South Sydney to return to the Tigers in June and remains contracted through to the end of next season.
    There is no suggestion Farah has done anything wrong, and the Tigers reportedly claim the agreement was simply an innocent misunderstanding.
    Pascoe reportedly claims the club was unaware it had to declare the $400,000 deal because it surrounds Farah’s future at the club as a life member and premiership winner at the joint-venture club.
    Staggeringly, Farah has not even signed off on the deal — but the club has already accepted it will be hit with a breach notice on Tuesday.
  1. The Flanagan shit still has me scratching my head tbh. His contact with the players during his suspension was fairly widely reported from memory. I distinctly remember the discussion being had on here. Why have they waited until now to suddenly act like they give a shit?
  2. NRL?
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  3. Sproj


    It’s not the Sharks, they are therefore actually in danger of being punished.
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  4. broncos4life

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    Because you can only leave your head in the sand for so long.
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  5. No Real cLue
  6. Foordy


    Slothfield reporting that Flanagan will likely be de-registered today

    on the topic of the thread ... how the **** did the CEO of a club not that they need to report every cent given to a player, whether they need to include it on the cap or not ... Pascoe is either lying or incompetent.
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  7. Morkel


    Buzz was given his premiership in return for favourable press regarding Greenturd. It'll be interesting to see if Rothfield goes apeshit and now starts to criticise Teflon Turd.
  8. teampjta

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    He’s both lying and incompetent.

    The reason he’s incompetent is because he doesn’t know how to cheat properly, thus when caught he lies
  9. Tigers have also been fined $750k and will have $639k removed from their salary cap for 2019.
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  10. Flanagan de-registered as well. 3yrs too late but Todd's on the warpath.
  11. Battler

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    Sharks and Tigs out of contention for 2019? I hope the storm drop off without Slater there and the pressure of doing all the play making for his two incredibly overrated halves (Croft and Munster) too much for old man Smith.
  12. Alec

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    Just more manipulation and deals to try to have the Roosters win 2 in a row.
  13. Accept

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    They will now have to shed some players, no doubt. Wests have just been priced at $1.01 to take out the spoon.
  14. Morkel


    I get what the Tigers did was wrong, and was against the rules, but it was one that you could understand was a bit different to the normal cap-cheating type scenario. Obviously the rule is there to prevent players from being paid "less" as a contracted players and then having the difference made up by a lucrative cushy post-playing job. But it would not be unusual for players and teams to be discussing partnerships pertaining to when the boots have been hung up.

    Regardless, it was a very fast, decisive, non-nonsense decision. And in stark contrast to what's happened with Cronulla. That saga has dragged on for an eternity, and there still looks to be no end in sight. And like most others on here, it appears to me like they're deliberately dragging it out so that they avoid finding any possible reason for 2016 to be compromised. My guess is that their coming down hard on Flanagan is their attempt to appear heavy-handed with the Sharks, even though the coaching issue is completely separate to the salary cap issue, with the latter having not been dealt with at all.
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  15. No grey areas. There is zero excuse, and I hope this is the path the NRL continue with. I hope they come down hard on ANY bullshit nothing little cheating. You said you'd buy Cronk an Ice Cream if he smiled when he was cranky last week and didn't report it? Righto, that's a massive fine.

    The NRL need to get **** serious about their cap, and cheating of that cap. I still don't believe at all, that the Sharks can be cheating both years each side of the premiership year.
  16. Morkel


    I'd love that to happen too, and don't take the above as me thinking the Tigers were hard done by. Just that it would appear on the surface as being far more malign than what the Sharks are alleged to have done, yet they are the ones that encountered the swift and harsh punishment. The sharks have got precisely dick.

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