NEWS Why the Broncos are in safe hands with Reynolds' protege


Brisbane Broncos playmaker Jock Madden has revealed the impact injured star halfback Adam Reynolds has had on his game as he continues to help the glamour club towards the top four despite the absence of his skipper.

Madden has starred as Reynolds’ replacement this season and will need to continue with his impressive form with Reynolds not expected back from a torn biceps muscle until the last month of the season.

But the former Wests Tiger and Australian Schoolboys captain said Reynolds, along with the Broncos staff, has provided him with the confidence he needed to perform at the top level.

“Obviously I want to be playing first grade, it’s what I’ve been wanting to do since I was a kid and as I’m getting a lot older I want to be playing more consistent NRL week in week out,” Madden said on Breakfast SENQ.

“We’ve got two great halves up so when I get my opportunity just continue to take it with both hands.

“Reyno’s been great to me, I continue to learn so much from him and that was one of my goals as well, continue to pick out his brains as much as I can.

“Kev (Walters) instills so much confidence in me, allows me to play my brand of football, having Alf out there as well is unbelievable as well as our assistant Lee Briers as well… he’s another one I can just pick the brains of as well.”

In his second season at Brisbane, Madden said the move has been great for his career.

“It’s been really good, I was in Sydney previously, it’s a lot more hectic than Brisbane, the weather up here has been unreal and all the boys have been really good so I love it up here,” he said.

Madden also spoke about kicking the game-winning field goal in his team’s Magic Round victory over the Manly Sea Eagles.

“I do a fair bit of practice on that and I was quite confident in making sure I got in the right position to take it and credit to our forwards they rolled us down the field to get me in that position to take it,” he said.

The Broncos host the Gold Coast Titans at Suncorp Stadium at 2pm on Sunday.



State of Origin Captain
Jun 13, 2019
This will be a great stint for him to prove his post Reyno credentials, his high ball kicking game lately has been as good as the best 7s too, just when I thought he was out he reeled me back in.(godfather reference lol)

sometimes it takes them getting the 1st grade games to show their best as they get lost in the background playing in Qcup around lower quality players.


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