Wildcard Weekend

Discussion in 'Rugby League Talk' started by ivanhungryjak, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. ivanhungryjak

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  2. ningnangnong

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    I think it's **** stupid, especially considering the number of teams in the comp.

    You don't deserve a shot at the finals if you're not good enough to finish at least eighth, let alone ninth or tenth.
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  3. Morkel


    Agree. I could live with a shootout if any of the teams below 8 finish on the same number of competition points as #8. Missing the finals on +/- is a bitch. But rewarding mediocrity is the sort of shit the NRL loves to do to appease the shit Sydney clubs, but it needs to stop.
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  4. Tom

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    Why not just give everyone a trophy?
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. Alec

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    Wildcard bitches
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  7. Renegade

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    shithouse idea.
  8. Tom

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  9. Horrible idea, everything Kent said on NRL 360 was my feelings, you're literally rewarding mediocrity, you only need to win 40-45% of your games to have a shot at making the finals, that's a load of shit.
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  11. CaptainHook

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    Bring it on!

    The NRL couldn't be any more of a **** laughing stock than it is now.

    Honestly nothing would surprise me.

    It sends a message that we've given up on expansion and growing the game. The option of taking the game to a wider market, having more teams and more games in other states, wouldn't that generate a bigger TV deal?

    That logic is lost on poor ol' Toddie.

    Ah Rugby League... Never change you drunken, pathetic, piece of shit, inbred, illiterate excuse for a sport.

    I love you anyway.
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  12. It's such a dumb thing, so I'm not surprised the NRL went with it.
  13. As a neutral fan, the idea is fun, it'll be great television. Is that all that matters though? I don't know.

    As a Rugby League fan I hate the idea, a team who finished 10 knocked out a team that finished 5th? Stupid.

    I do love the idea of a 1 week break before the finals series though and I think that should be implemented regardless.
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  14. I bleed Maroon

    I bleed Maroon State of Origin Rep

    This is exactly what it's designed to do, if not just to clog up the airwaves in the lead up to a new season to get all the talk of scandals and dramas out of the way. This idea was tailor made for the likes of the Tigers, the Knights and perhaps the Bulldogs and the Eagles if they somehow can get their shit together to get as high as 10th; Those NSW minnows who always finish within 2-4 points shy of the top 8 but never have the starch to get themselves over the line, it dangles them a carrot to chase.

    Gotta keep those fans attention spans somewhat satisfied lest the perpetually pathetic crowd attendance and viewership of the NSW audience make the sport they claim to own look bad.
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  15. Sirlee oldman

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    For ****’s sake vote against it though. Don’t let them bring it in with the excuse that no one bothered to vote against it.
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  16. broncos4life

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    Yep everything Kent said was bang on. I am enjoying him now that Bennett is gone and he has lost his bias, I don’t have to feel shit for liking him anymore.
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  17. Accept

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    It's a great idea. The top 6 would get a much needed break and it will keep the fans of the lower placed teams interested for a little longer. Imagine Round 26 and there are 4 teams vying for a wildcard spot. It is ratings gold and the interest levels will go through the roof. It's not about rewarding mediocrity because the winners of this tourney will be cannon fodder the next week anyways. Ch. 9 and Foxtel are all for the idea and they run the game, so I expect it to come into play in 2020. Some fans are against the concept because they hate change but they will get used to it in time and will have their eyes glued firmly to the box. I'm sure if the Broncos are sitting in tenth, you would have a different opinion.
  18. Cult3

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    It's a terrible idea. It makes the first 25 rounds almost unnecessary. You have 25 rounds to make the finals, if you can't do it within that time frame you do not deserve to play finals footy.

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