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Discussion in 'State of Origin 2014' started by Qlder88, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Qlder88

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    I understand state pride and why cronk would want to come back and I applaud it but by that logic, why was teo picked when he's just buggering off overseas next year?
  2. No way I would select Cronk irrespective of his past efforts. This is not because we don't owe him but simply because he cannot be truly ready. A broken bone is not something you simply get over. He has to tackle and doubtless he will have plenty come his way and I cannot see him being effective on one side. We've all noticed the effects of a bye this year, a team loses a little most especially in timing but including rhythm . A single player is no different, rusty is the most common description. Cronk should have played at least one game before this match. He's a champion who has done the business no doubt but still, for these reasons I would have omitted him.
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  3. Yeah, he's about one of four players I'd consider dumping for McGuire but in fairness, Ben has always been handy for the Maroons and been one of the better players for us this series.
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  4. KingWebcke

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    I hope that is the case
  5. Kaz

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    What a surprise that Darius Boyd and Ben Te'o were there.
  6. Cult3

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    Also shouldn't be handing out jerseys to players just because they've been there before. Origin jerseys should be earned every year, not last year or 5 years ago.
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  7. Qlder88

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    It is. I'd like to know how much club loyalty happens on the field at origin level. Surely it doesn't just go out the window, if this was Taylor coming in injured, would Bird go easy on him? Hopeless example I know.. But hopefully you see what I'm getting at

    Now that both teams know it's done , wouldn't their next thought be to "protect" fellow club team mates?
  8. Cult3

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    Yeah! How dare they be there?!
  9. Already dealt with this strawman.

    Queensland's halves would have been a mess from 2005-2011 if that was the case. Stability has proven to be a big asset to the Maroons and selecting teams purely on form is asinine.

    Can't believe fans don't see that, especially when CM or Big League puts together one of those 'form' sides.

    Cronk deserves to be there.
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  10. Cult3

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    Cronk does, I'm not denying that. But having players like McQueen and Taylor make the 17? No. Not good enough.
  11. Ari Gold

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    That's a kind of weird statement to be making on form is it not? On form Dave Taylor deserves to be there. Based on everything else he doesn't.
  12. Fair enough.

    I actually think they represent different camps.

    McQueen only received his selection because Mal wanted a minder for JT and McQueen had done the job last year.

    Taylor on the other hand made the team based on 'form' and was always getting talked up because of it.

    I don't think the other 'form' players in Gillett or Guerra have been much better truly.
  13. LOL...no !!

    Geez mate you've dug this hole and filled it in again a couple times now. Just stop.

    Origin is full tilt, no holding back.... smash the **** out of the opposition.

    Club loyalties were broken, ney....ripped apart, the night Artie belted his Eels mate Mick Cronin in the very first game. .
  14. Mister Wright

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    I honestly think Taylor is in the team because Mal sees a big future for him in Origin. The series is over and that can't be changed. I reckon he's thrown the gauntlet down to D.T. and said something like "Look at the video from game 2. You were awesome and did your job right up until this moment here...this is the difference between Origin & Club football, you effectively lost us the game...now go and show me you want to play for this team long term." Or something like that...
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  15. Qlder88

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    Gees take it easy I was just asking a question, in part rhetorical. I'm guessing things have changed in Origin since the 80s, like hell people today would get away with what they used to. And I'm betting club coaches don't want to see players beating the shit out of other club players and potentially ruining their season. I can see why it happens but I can also see how pissed off coaches would be. You think Bellamy will be chilled and laid back if cronk, slater Smith etc are reinjured just because "that's what origins all about"? If it happens in a way that helps the team, fine. But I don't want to see players taken out for no other reason than the fact that it's origin
    I'm pretty sure this isn't me just digging a hole, this has been the centre of all club coaches gripes the last 6 weeks, whether to move it to off season. This series, correct me if I'm wrong, seems to have had more injuries than most in recent times. So I thought my question had some form of validity to it but wtver
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  16. Bucking Beads

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    This stinks of a stitch up
  17. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League


    Notice how I said the result might not be better? I'm just saying I don't agree with using 'effort' as your core reason for him being selected.
  18. It isn't the core value and no where did I stipulate as such.

    Didn't realise I'd have to spell that out to some members on here.
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  19. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League

    You're right you didn't say core reason but it was one of the few reasons you listed in your post and directly compared his effort to what you'd expect from Hunt/Milf which is the part I'm not agreeing with.
    Cronk being a better option speaks for itself, it doesn't require a bucket load of reasons to satisfy a contrarian or two.

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