Will Chambers at centre of assault complaint

Discussion in 'State of Origin 2014' started by Qlder88, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League

    It does if you wish to engage in a discussion, you don't seem the least bit interested in having one regarding it tho so i'll drop it.

    (Also Cronks selection is off topic anyway)
  2. Well, if you wanted a genuine discussion surely even you would realise that arguing semantics isn't the best way to go about it.

    Just a way to disagree for the sake of disagreeing.
  3. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League

    You said something that i didn't agree with so I pointed it out and expressed my opinion on the matter, disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing is a load of shit and not what was occurring.

    I don't agree that Cronk will put in a better effort than Hunt or Milford, especially Hunt who has been putting in huge efforts every time he steps on the field this season and that wouldn't change in Origin.
    Clearly you misinterpreted even though I already corrected you on it.

    Nobody cares about effort relative to ability. Just effort in general. Pretty silly point to get hung up on but I'll leave you to it.
  4. Charmamba

    Charmamba Life is a Fantasy League

    *Waste of time*
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  5. Mitch06

    Mitch06 NRL Player

    Will Chambers be dropped because of the incident? If so, who fills his spot? ...see what i did there ;)
  6. mitch222

    mitch222 State of Origin Rep

    Drop him and bring in Vidot or Copley
    He must learn to respect the team and that origin is a privilege not a god given right.
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  7. CaptainHook

    CaptainHook NRL Player

    Yeah have to agree, Pete. Criticism is natural after a losing series but he has been pretty good this year. Strong running in Game 1, in particular was a highlight.
  8. QRL Statement: Chambers - QRL

    So basically confirming what everybody knows. A nothing incident but dumb on Chambers part.

    Hope he doesn't fumble on Wednesday.
  9. Credit where it's due, Chambers really stepped up tonight and gave the Maroons a bit of spark on the right.

    Aside from one incident where both he and Slater baulked each other (which thankfully lead to an even better result for the Maroons) I thought he did well and his offload in the lead up to Slater's try was important.

    Certainly gave Mal something to think about next series.
  10. Agreed Pete....Chambers didn't let anyone down and handled things pretty well.

    If Tate does give it away, I can see no reason why we wouldn't keep him there next year.
  11. Rally Towel

    Rally Towel NRL Player

    Sure did. He was good for the most part. Ran strongly, safe hands, and was ok in defence. Justifiable selection IMO.

    FMD my heart was in my mouth when they let it go..... Was just waiting for Hayne or Morris to pluck it out of the air.

    You'd think he's definitely got first dibs. What I wouldn't give for JYY back though. :`(
  12. jarro65

    jarro65 State of Origin Rep

    I thought Chambers had a great game .... looked very solid in all aspects.

    I'd like to see him there again next year actually.
    Guilty of assault. On NSW!

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