Your 2008 ladder predictions

1. Storm
2. Eels
3. Broncos
4. Roosters
5. Manly
7. Cowboys
8. Souths

9. Warriors
10. Tigers
11. Titans
12. Bulldogs
13. Raiders
14. Knights
15. Dragons
16. Panthers
1. Broncos
2. Storm
3. Titans (Believe!)
4. Manly
5. Eels
6. Cowboys
7. Roosters
8. Sharks

9. Dragons
10. Bulldogs
11. Souths
12. Tigers
13. Raiders
14. Knights
15. Warriors (Minus McKinnon, no hope.)
16. Panthers
1. Broncos (Will win grand final Wallace will win the dally M, Boyd or Micheals the clive. Bennet will get coach of the year before Leaving for the super league)
2. Manly (second year in second place.. 09 looks the part)
3. Roosters (Good Season and set for a huge 09)
4.Raiders (suprise entry)
5.Titans (Will fall short of grand final to the cowboys)
6.Sharks (consitent season but not enough guts to finish the year)
7. Cowboys (sloppy start without thurston will come home strong and lose to brisbane in grand final (heart))
8. Storm (Off field will start for them come mid season and cause a slump,Bellemy will be fired mid season)
9. Warriors (Will have a strong finish only to fall out to brisbane,tate will have worst game of season against brisbane)
10. Tigers (will be tied for the 8 with Melbourne,Warriors)
11. Panthers (Petro will give them a boost but not all the way, Carl Webb Signs for 09)
12. Eels (Off field again... players will be sacked in an attempt to rebuild clubs image.. wrong players to sack)
13. Souths (Bad injury run after a real good start to season... set to lose last 10 games)
14. Bulldogs (not much to say its all in the paper..)
15. Knights (will sack at least 5 players)
16. Dragons (oops they lost it again. brown still not sacked)
Did anyone see those free DVDs in the Daily telegraph one the weekend? Thay had some computer prediction thing and it placed the Broncos at bloody 11th in 2008!!! Can you beleive that crap...
I have thought long and hard about my ladder prediction but I just cannot get anywhere. The only thing i'm thinkin at the moment is that the Rabbitohs are going to be placed pretty high. Roosters, Cowboys and Eels somewhere up there too. Here's hoping this year will be Storm's fall from grace. Just can't handle another GF with bloody Melbourne!!!
Sydney paper thats why they had the Broncos so low .... WISHFUL THINKING :roll:
Courier Mail had them too but I couldn't be bothered getting them. Maybe some other QLD based person did?
2. Eels
3. Manly
4. NQ
5. Broncos
6. Sharks
7. Warriors
8. Roosters
9. Tigers
11. Souths
12. Titans
13. Panthers
14. Knights
15. Raiders
16. Dragons
1. Storm - bit of a hiccup at WCC, but they are all class
2. Eels - I reckon this is the year they can stop the choking.
3. Cowboys - if they can win 75% of their games without JT, they will come close to the premeirship
4. Roosters - Really good pack, but can jr. jr. Pearce fire?
5. Broncos - All hinges on one man really. Best forward depth at the club in a very, very long time. If the boys stay fit and healthy, they will probably finish higher
6. Sharks - dark horses. best back row in the comp.
7. Titans - If Rogers stays fit and their forwards stay fit they have the players to do it.
8. Manly - Orford is poo, Monahagn was a masssive massive loss.
9. Warriors - McKinnon is a massive loss, but any team with Price and Wiki is always a shot
10. Panthers - Still on the recovery from poor 2007. Joey Williams will go well
11. Tigers - Matty Head is a good buy for them, still not really any guns anywhere on the park imo.
12. Souths - 2008 will be a reality check for Souths
13. Raiders - Give teams headaches but still lack the firepower.

Teams 14-16 are just shit, on field and off field problems they need to sort their shit out. Probably 3 of the worst playing rosters these clubs have ever had.
14. Bulldogs
15. Dragons
16. Knights
Ok, i gave a general prediction earlier in this thread; No i will go out on a limb and predict how the final table will look like:

1. Storm - they've lost a few players but they will still be hard to beat.
2. Cowboys - if they can get through the early part of the season without losing to many games while JT is missing they will go good.
3. Broncos - young, enthusiastic, talented pack, strong bench quality halves and some goos strike players in the backline; we will go well
4. Manly - i think the loss of Burns and Monaghan will hurt them a little but i still recon they can make the top 4.
5. Eels - i still think that they will be the chokers they've been for the last 20 years
6. Titans - after an injury plagued first season i reckon they will make the finals this year
7. Souths - they will make the finals but will be out in the first week
8. Roosters - Good pack but a young halfback and little else
9. Raiders - Will win the majority of there home games but once again will struggle on the road
10. Sharks - once again will have a strong start to the season but will struggle to win the close games again this season
11. Warriors - No Mckinnion, losing him will hurt them immensely
12. Panthers - Petero Civoneciva and no one else
13. Bulldogs - lost too much in the forwards with Mason and Omelly leaving, haven't got the creativity in the halves to be a serious threat
14. Tigers - Marshall to need another reconstrucion early in the season :roll:
15. Knights - what more do i need to say :D
16. Dragons - Brown had the best roster in the league a few seasons ago and couldn't win it, now he doesn't.

of course i could be completely wrong. but thats how i see things.

other predictions:

QLD to win origin series 3-0 :lol:
Australia to belt the kiwis in the mis season test
Broncos Vrs Cowboys grand final
Australia to win the world cup convincingly
Broncos Vs Dragons in First Final at Suncorp.

I think that seriously this year is gonna be a hard one to pick. You can go with your normal favourites to win but who knows whats gonna happen.

I don't think Cronulla are going to do overly well, so lets say that trophy cabinet is gonna stay bare for another year.

From what I saw in the shield I don't know if the Dragons have that flare that they usually do although it wasn't a season match so who knows what they might pull out of the bag.

Broncos I'm not holding too highly. They have lost a few good players which were solid first graders for them, plus with all the crap going on about Bennett I just don't know if it will fuel the players or the fire.

I'm quite happy to see the smart people on here are actually tipping Souths within the 8. ;)

I hope Manly (more so matt 'take a dive' orford and steve ' just hurry up and retire' menzies) and Roosters (sorry Linda) fall flat on their face.
Only doing the top 8!

1. Storms (They still have the nucleus of their best team)
2. Cowboys (Burns is a massive signing. Will help them enormously as well as seeing them make a startling improvement in defence somewhat)
3. Broncos (Self-explanatory)
4. Eels (Have a very talented roster and I think as their list matures more, they will be possible contenders this season)
5. Rabbitohs (Their list just gets better and better. Will gel well together this year)
6. Manly (The loss of Monaghan will hurt them more than they think. Still a very dynamic team that can be potent all over the park)
7. Titans (In the mix)
8. Bulldogs (They consistently make it in year in year out and will do it again)

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