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    haha, fair call... no one likes being called a blues fan
  2. You're death riding us now......?

    You **** !!
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    Am I? That's news to me.


    Hunt is an absolutely amazing running half.

    His kicking game however is cod ordinary. His default action seems to be just to hoist it high, and more often than not they arent placed well. They just go anywhere, and it seems hes just happy to get a kick off.

    When he actually picks his kicks they are quality, his short kicking game can be incredible. But until he learns to pick his kicks each set, he shouldnt get near the halves for QLD. Look at JT. Every time he kicks, he has intention. His kick is going to do something, be it make ground, put the defence under pressure, or target one of his runners. Hunt either puts in a decent short kick close to the line, or he just bombs it from anywhere on the field, and hopes for the best. DCE's kicking game, while not as good as JT's, is lightyears ahead of Hunt's right now. If hunt can pick his kicking game up i would have no problem him being there over DCE, but the last thing we want to do is bring in a half that heaps more pressure on thurston
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