LIVE 2018 NRL Grand Final - Roosters vs Storm


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do you really think his ego would allow such things?

will never understand why so many say hes a great bloke. he seems so fake its not funny.

hes a very smart and intelligent person and footballer though.

only a few times has he let his true colours come out.
Yeah. Interesting.

When Fittler interviewed Cronk he made special mention of Slater and Hoffman - and didn't mention Smith.

What feud? lol


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Fergo has been fucking massive for them this year, and playing with a broken leg is just as good as what Cronk did, except Ferguson still worked his ass off. I think he's the leading metre gainer this year, he brought them the same success RTS did in 2013, starting their sets off on the front foot. Winger of the year IMO. They are going to miss him, even with Morris and Hall coming in.
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