2019 Broncos Jersey & Sponsorship discussion


NRL Player
I don’t really care who sponsors us and what our jersey looks like is low on my care factor list but Kia has historically had very poor logo integration. The bulldogs kit has looked terrible with their logo.
Agreed... hopefully we don't end up with the WOW white box again.

Have liked that NRMA blended into the Jersey.

Jason Simmons

NRL Player
Please no.

Their logo sucks and doesn’t flow very well when spoken. Plus Kia make shit cars.

NRMA has become pretty ingrained as part of our jersey since the Ergon and Wow days. It would take a while to get used to. Not saying I’m against a change, just don’t want Kia

Side note, I’m amazed that we have Suncorp as our home ground yet have a major competitor as our premier sponsor
The Stingers aren’t too bad... 😎

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