2019 Broncos Jersey & Sponsorship discussion

Discussion in 'The Rumour Mill' started by raveenkari, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. raveenkari

    raveenkari NYC Player

    Getting in noice and early on this one.
  2. Skyblues87

    Skyblues87 BRL Player

    Hope they bin ISC very poor quality compared to Nike
  3. What?

    ISC are far better than Nike. They are a better fit, lighter, and are far better designs.
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  4. Skyblues87

    Skyblues87 BRL Player

    You may be right. I am referring to quality. For example i have purchased 3 jerseys. Collars on away jersey are lopsided. Badges not sewn on level. Heritage jerseys have shaddowing around NRMA Logo. Letter B on back of collar not centred. Poor stitching. Nothing wrong with design. When you pay around $160 per shirt you expect 100pct quality. Be interesting to here other peoples experiences.
  5. Broncs_Fan

    Broncs_Fan NRL Player

    I preferred the look of the Nike jerseys. The ISC jerseys don't look as good imo.

    I felt our elite status in the NRL aligned perfectly with Nike. Seemed such a good fit. Wonder why Nike pulled out after so many years?

    I loved the Nike merch. Looked so nice.
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  6. raveenkari

    raveenkari NYC Player

    Yeah, I was disappointed to see us drop Nike, was cool to be the only club in the code to have an elite sponsor.
  7. raveenkari

    raveenkari NYC Player


    Mine was fine. No issue at all.

    Maybe youre just unlucky that all 3 you bought just happened to be duds lol
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  8. Caniffe


    The Nike gear was so much better
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  9. Can you show a photo? Are you sure they're not fake?
  10. Skyblues87

    Skyblues87 BRL Player

    Yes 100pct not fake. Purchased from Rebel. Took them back in the end. Wanted to exchange but every single one in store had faults so in the end I got money back. Did take photos of away shirt. I am aware of fakes which you can buy for about 30 bucks. Club crest is slightly different colour and ISC badge on front at bottom is stuck on and not sewn. So IMO you can pay 160 bucks for a crap original or 30 bucks for a fake. No such problems with Nike. I would sooner pay for a good quality original as opposed to a fake but this is not possible with ISC
  11. Allo

    Allo NRL Player

    I know we’re conditioned to having a predominately maroon jersey, but I think our yellow/gold jerseys have been so much better in the recent years

    bring back the collars pls
  12. Our better jerseys have been our heritage jerseys that are mostly gold.

    2018, 2015, 2008, 2009 being the better ones.

  13. Mate I tell you what, I bought a Jersey online for cheap and when I got it was unsure if it was legit, so I went to rebel to suss the two together. The one from rebel literally looked like it had come straight from bali im almost positive I had seen the same ones there with every issue that you just described 3 weeks earlier on my holidays. In my opinion obviously cool to have been a part of nike but I honesty like my Isc jerseys way better. The fits are perfect I have home away heritage indigenous and even the marvel one and they feel way more better than the older nike ones which in my opinion were a little baggy in a few areas and not such a consistent and athletic fit. I dont know why rebel had them in stock as these looked very cleay fake but who knows.
  14. raveenkari

    raveenkari NYC Player

    44165053_10156799219973410_4001086787291185152_n.jpg 44165053_10156799219973410_4001086787291185152_n.jpg Leaked
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  15. Morkel


  16. Waynesaurus

    Waynesaurus NRL Player

    Me either.
  17. jarro65

    jarro65 State of Origin Rep

    They should've just stuck with the heritage jersey.
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  18. Tstev92

    Tstev92 QCup Player

    It’s copying Cronulla style
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  19. BroncsFan

    BroncsFan NRL Player

    What I would give to have one that was similar to the Broncos stormish jersey of the early 2000's, that was a jersey I really liked.
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