2019 Broncos Line-up

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    Wow, so many cool dudes in this thread.
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  2. BroncsFan

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    Noticed in that article about Sua that he mentions Milf wants to become an elite halfback... may have been a slip of the tongue or could be Milf wearing the 7 this year
  3. Tom

    Tom NRL Captain

    Kinda confused.

    Did they all decide to paint the same thing or is there a horse in the room with them.
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  4. Wolfie

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    I noticed that as well. Time will tell.
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  5. holdzy89

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    Might as well, he makes a better seven and Kodi makes a better six.
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  6. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

    I doubt it will matter anyway. Seibold used Cody Walker last year as the first reciever which is traditionally the halfbacks role.

    A lot of the time Reynolds was out the back in a high pressure situation feeding the ball to the centre, fullback or winger.

    Seibold is probably thinking that Milf will have Walkers role and Nikorima will be in Reynolds place.

    The only spanner in the works is our kicking game. If Nikorima or Milford can't produce the standard of kicking that someone like Adam Reynolds can, Seibold may see that as a reason to play someone like O'Sullivan
  7. Milford had an elite kicking game in the second half of last year.
  8. Browny

    Browny State of Origin Captain

    So how about that Broncos’s line up
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  9. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

    Possible Future Broncos

    1. Jamayne Isaako
    2. Izere Perese
    3. Kotoni Staggs
    4. James Roberts
    5. Fanitesi Niu
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Tanah Boyd
    8. Payne Haas
    9. Kodi Nikorima
    10. Joe Ofahengaue
    11. Corey Oates
    12. David Fifita
    13. Tevita Pangai Junior
    14. Jaydn Su'a
    15. Patrick Carrigan
    16. Matthew Lodge
    17. Thomas Flegler
  10. BronxFoLife

    BronxFoLife BRL Player

    1. Boyd
    2. Oats
    3. Roberts
    4. Bird
    5. Isaako
    6. Milford
    7. Nikorima / Boyd
    8. Lodge
    9. McCullough
    10. Ofahengaue
    11. Su'A
    12. Gillette
    13. Pangai Junior

    14. Glenn
    15. Fifita
    16. Haas
    17. Staggs

    18. Mago
  11. Morkel


    When was the last time someone went back and looked at a 2014 thread on “Possible Broncos Line-up in 5 Years Time”? I bet it’s great.
  12. Here was my 2018 side circa 2014.

    1. Ben Barba
    2. Elijah Alick
    3. Brenko Lee
    4. Dale Copley
    5. Daniel Vidot
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Ashley Taylor
    8. Joe Ofahengaue
    9. Andrew McCullough
    10. Dylan Napa
    11. Alex Glenn (c)
    12. Corey Oates
    13. Josh McGuire

    14. Dave Taylor
    15. Matt Gillett
    16. Dunamis Lui
    17. Francis Molo

    Close enough.

    I disgust myself.


    Thread for reference sake.
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  13. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

    That's a pretty horrific line up.

    I can see how you would have thought that would be good though.

    Not sure if I can forgive you for benching Gillett and captaining Glenn.

    A lot of talent in there that hasn't lived up to potential
  14. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

    Few players we've had and lost since 2014.

    Any players here that you wish we kept?

    Jai Arrow is my pick

    1. Ben Barba
    2. Corey Allan
    3. Tom Opacic
    4. Tautau Moga
    5. David Mead
    6. Benji Marshall
    7. Ashley Taylor
    8. Adam Blair
    9. Jake Granville
    10. Josh McGuire
    11. Keegan Hipgrave
    12. Korbin Sims
    13. Jai Arrow
    14. Ben Hunt
    15. Herman Ese'ese
    16. Jarrod Wallace
    17. Francis Molo
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  15. It wasn't necessarily the team I'd pick, just the one I could see with the people in charge. D. Taylor and Lui specifically were my prodigal son signings in lieu of Brisbane signing Stagg, Prince, Civoniceiva and Carlaw the years prior.
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  16. Yeah it would be interesting to see.

    We'll see just how many times he has to make a last ditched attempt to wrap his arms around the ankles after his opposite centre beats him.

    There are two positions Oates should never play in the back 5. It's centre and fullback.
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  17. upthebroncs

    upthebroncs QCup Player

    Fair enough.

    Was thinking maybe he could be a rich man's Kane Linnett
  18. Bongo

    Bongo NYC Player

    I know arrow went for an opportunity but I wish we had kept him.
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  19. Sirlee oldman

    Sirlee oldman QCup Player

    Wow! I respect your judgement most of the time but perhaps this is a lesson to all of us not to be too precious about our opinions.
  20. Lockysillegitimatechild

    Lockysillegitimatechild NRL Player

    That team would struggle to beat the 2016 knights. Seems that despite the constant berating of the clubs retentions, the club makes the right tough decision 9/10 times...

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