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    Big Pete’s team wasn’t the worst team named in that thread. Wow, good times
  2. See, I would have thought the real lesson was to never try and hide any and all incriminating evidence. :)

    I did write this to cover my tracks.

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    Ese'ese did look very promising.
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  4. I bleed Maroon

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    I took BP's team and replaced the ones that needed to be replaced:

    1. Ben Barba
    2. Corey Oates
    3. Kotoni Staggs
    4. James Roberts
    5. Jamayne Isaako
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Ashley Taylor
    8. Joe Ofahengaue
    9. Andrew McCullough
    10. Matthew Lodge
    11. Matt Gillett (c)
    12. Jaydn Sua
    13. Tevita Pangai Junior

    14. Alex Glenn
    15. David Fifita
    16. Payne Haas
    17. Sam Tagatese

    So of the original 17 he posted in 2014, only Barba and Taylor would've made the side compared to the current crop lol
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  5. Marty Deutschmann

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    Big papi
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  6. Morkel


    **** nailed it buddy.

    I knew the lists would be horrendous, they always are, kudos for having the kahunas to be proud of your abomination.
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  7. Sproj


    I half disagree. Fullback is probably a bridge too far as he isn’t always safe under the high ball but he has the potential to be an excellent Centre. No team has a player like him at Centre and is in the Gene Miles style. He could get found out, he could also be very, very good with time to get used to and train in the position.
  8. upthebroncs

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    Lol it's literally the position in between winger and backrow.. Best of both worlds for Corey
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  9. upthebroncs

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    If Griffin was our coach when it was written then I understand why the line up looks so sad
  10. [​IMG]

    'You think that's bad...'

    This was the 2010 side I picked in 2005.

    1. Karmichael Hunt (Josh Hoffman)
    2. Leon Bott (Antonio Winterstein)
    3. Shaun Berrigan (Alex Glenn)
    4. Justin Hodges (Israel Folau)
    5. Steve Michaels (Jharal Yow Yeh)
    6. Berrick Barnes (He'll come back) (Darren Lockyer) (And no he won't)
    7. Brett Seymour (Peter Wallace)
    8. Corey Parker (Scott Anderson)
    9. Michael Ryan (Andrew McCullough)
    10. Sam Thaiday (Shane Tronc)
    11. David Stagg (Matt Gillett)
    12. Dane Carlaw (Sam Thaiday)
    13. Neville Costigan (Corey Parker)


    What I learned from that thread 9 years later is that the senior squad evolves so rapidly, you can't count on every player remaining five years later. That's why I included a player like Elijah Alick, not because I thought he'd be a sure-bet, but because of what he represented. The 17-year old up and coming winger with oodles of talent. As it turns out, injuries ruined Alick, but Isaako, who came from that age group ended up filling the spot.

    Similar thought process with Brenko Lee. I didn't see anyone coming through who I thought was capable of playing in the three-quarters (sorry Wolfie) and thought the Broncos would have to go elsewhere and sign an up and coming talent. Again, I didn't have my heart set on Brenko, more the idea of a talented up and coming centre. In the end, the Broncos signed the Jet, who at the time was at a real career cross-roads.

    If you set me the challenge right now of naming the Broncos side in 2024, then I'd just give you names like Kalyn Ponga, Latrell Mitchell, Angus Crichton, Nathan Cleary, Jason Taumalolo etc. but where's the fun in that? My point back then wasn't to pick the best 17 players in 2018, it was to pick the type of players who the club would recruit, the type of players who would step up and which players would be kept around. My overall point was to show that you've got to think outside the box, what I've learned now is that you've really got to let it all hang out.
  11. Kyall

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  12. Brotherdu

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    Stranger things have happened, but I doubt we'd put out a team for round 1 with a bench that has a total of 23 games of first grade experience.

    I can picture a team list like this towards the end of the season (with some of the starters on the bench and visa versa), but for round 1, I imagine we'd see some of Glenn, Mago, Taga and Fensom in the mix for round 1.
  13. Wolfie

    Wolfie NRL Captain

    I still dont think we will see a great deal of Staggs unless we get injuries.
  14. FaithinHook

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  15. Wolfie

    Wolfie NRL Captain

    I actually meant as a starter. He says he wants a couple of middle forwards ( Haas/Carrigan/Taga/Flegler/Fensom), a player who can float between middle and edge ( Glenn/Mago/Carrigan/Savelio ). I dont see Sua or Fifita filling any of those roles tbh. I could see a Sua or a Glenn as the Bench utility if he goes that way. We also have Turpin as well if we go with a hooker.

    I'd personally go with Kotoni as he is more versatile, but a bit like Peachy it might confine him to being a bench utility, but my gut feeling is this is the team and bench we will go with early on. It would take some big performances in the trials from the likes of Carrigan, Mago, Fifita, Savelio, Staggs and Flegler to earn a spot there, or some poor ones from the likes of Fensom and Tagatese to lose their spots.

    1 Boyd
    2 Oates
    3 Roberts
    4 Bird
    5 Isakko
    6 Nikorima
    7 Milford
    8 Lodge
    9 Macca
    10 Joffa
    11 Gillett
    12 Sua
    13 TPJ

    14 Glenn
    15 Haas
    16 Tagatese
    17 Fensom
  16. FaithinHook

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    I reckon that team is pretty spot on mate. Possibly Kotoni in for Taga or Fensom the only change. As you say, trial form will have a bearing on those final couple of bench spots.
  17. That bench doesn't look to have much impact, I'd slot Fifita in for one of them.
  18. Kyall

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    There’s no way you could leave Fifita and Su’A out of the team.
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  19. Wolfie

    Wolfie NRL Captain

    I'd agree, but it's the one I think we may go with early on. I don't see us carrying 2 genuine backrowers on the bench.

    Me personally I'd have Carrigan, Haas, Taga and either Sua, Fifita or Glenn on the bench depending on how they are performing.
  20. Wolfie

    Wolfie NRL Captain

    If course there is. Glenn is training superbly, looks in really good shape and he is consistently good and has been for years. Fifita and Sua despite their potential don't have the runs on the board. It's a huge ask to expect young players to perform at a high level all year.

    We won't carry 2 backrowers on the bench unless we are decimated by injury. Our depth in the forwards will allow us to manage our players better. We can give both the younger blokes and the older blokes a break when they need it.
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