OLYMPICS 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Appreciate it @Sproj. Doesn't get as much coverage as the "main event" but I still like to hear about it.

I skimmed past it, but I thought I saw an article on Facebook today that Scomo has said all the Paralympians that earn a medal will receive the same money as their able bodied athletes?

Yeah there was a bit of an uproar about it because the paralympians weren't in line to get anything but the Olympians got I think $30000 for gold, $20000 for silver and $10000 for bronze or something like that. I think it is great there is recognition financially for the pralympians because to be honest, I actually prefer watching this to the Olympics in many ways, this just seems like the Olympic skateboarding comp all round where everyone just seems to support everyone, I really love it.
As long as those medal bonuses are on top of funding not a part of it. Participation is the key to para sports not achievements.

I find the para-specific sports (ie boccia and goal ball) more interesting than regular sports.
Rachael Watson - GOLD - women's 50m free!
Vanessa Low - the German-Aussie wins the women's long jump AND sets a world record...thrice!
The Rachael Watson post-gold interview - man, got me in the feels.
Dylan Alcott - GOLD - men’s wheelchair tennis!
Curtis McGrath - GOLD - men’s 200m Vaa!

Mr T gets silver for Brazil!
Let’s go! Aussie in the lead in the marathon but only just.
Let’s go, into the final stages in the stadium.
Oh my gosh she did it!!! De Rozario wins it!
1 second in it between first and second at the end of a marathon, that was an epic epic race.
I saw this thread pop up and legit thought I'd dreamt the last two years. Jesus fucking Christ, don't take me back to September 2021...

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