FOOTBALL 2022 FIFA World Cup

**** that would hurt..

Player going one way, ankle going the other..
Hahaha Uruguay coach just got a ball in the side of the head..
What a rubbish call that was.

No way was that Korean player fouled, and Uruguay denied a chance to snatch it late.
Another goalless draw.

I hate goalless draws.
Is that 3 now? Soccer really struggling to break out of that stereotype.

This one would make it 4. Just about every gameday has featured a goalless draw.

You expect to see them during a domestic comp season, but not at a World Cup.
Damn Ronaldo almost scores.

If he had the pace he once had, that would have been a goal.
Ronaldo's goal taken off him due to committing a foul.

It was fair enough.
Goalless at the break.

Ghana would be pretty happy with that. Portugal have dominated possession, but they aren't doing a great deal with it.
Wales down to 10 for the next few minutes plus added time.

But this is looking like another goalless draw..
What a fucking shot from Iran.

It's all over.
Cheshmi with a pearler in the final minute of added time.
And Iran score again on the counter.

Wales are goooone.
Iran scoring two late goals to win it now means Wales has to beat England and hope other results go their way.
I've got no idea what Hennessey was thinking here. There was absolutely no need for him to come out so far off his goal and do what he did. Taremi would have had trouble getting a clean shot on goal due to the Wales defender matching his pace. At first it was given yellow, then it went for a review and the ref changed his mind and gave him a red.

Absolute madness from the Welsh GK.

The goal from Cheshmi was a beauty.

Lol @ Qatar.

Dia opens the scoring for Senegal nailing the ball into the goal after the Qatar defender couldn't control the ball.

A lot of money was spent on this Qatar team, and I mean a fucking shit load, but they have been shit.
Great start to the second half for Senegal.

Nice header from the corner by Diedhiou.
Qatar finally have their first ever WC goal.

Nice cross from Mohamad and a nice header from Muntari.

Qatar have 10 minutes plus added time to equalize and keep their knockout stage hopes alive.

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