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Riccio: Broncos sign Jaiyden Hunt on two year deal.
@1910 : Josh Rogers development deal extended/renewed.
Badel: Walsh to be offered an upgraded, extended contract (2027+) with substantial pay rise.
Badel: Mam to be offered an upgraded, extended contract (2027+) with substantial pay rise.
Badel, Read: Reynolds WILL sign a 1 year extension to 2025 at season end.
Read, Dobbo: Oates to Newcastle unless Broncos raise offer. [BUSTED. Oates says will take pay cut.]

Badel: Madden offered a 2 year extension to 2026. [CONFIRMED]
Badel, Meyn: Reynolds seeking an extension until 2025. [CONFIRMED]
Badel, Read, Meyn: Ikin has applied to quit Broncos and head up QRL. Made final four candidates. [GONE]
Carayannis, Read: Fletcher Baker to sign for 2024/2025. [CONFIRMED]
@007 : Haas deal good as done. Heard it in a cafe. [EXPIRED]
@007 : Ben Hunt on market for 2 year minimum contract @ $800K per year. Trust me. [CONFIRMED]
@007 : Ben Hunt wants to join Roosters, but Dragons are blocking him joining a Sydney club. [BUSTED]
Badel, etc: Ben Hunt asked to join Broncos immediately, then Titans next season. [CONFIRMED, BUT REFUSED BY DRAGONS]
Badel: club has opened talks with Haas. [CONFIRMED BY AGENT]
Dobbo: Arthars, Mariner and Haas to extend. [FIRST 2 CORRECT. 3RD EXPIRED]
@McHunt : Walker is unhappy at the Roosters. Made up. [CONFIRMED]
@1910 : Quai Ward to Bulldogs immediately. [GONE]

Adam ReynoldsHalf20232024
Billy WaltersHooker, half20232024
Blake MozerHooker202320242025
Brendan PiakuraSecond row20232024
Corey JensenProp202320242025
Corey OatesWing2023POPO
Cory PaixHooker, half202320242025
Deine MarinerCentre, wing20232024Until 2027
Delouise HoeterCentre, wing20232024
Ethan Quai-WardCentre, wingBulldogs
Ezra MamHalf20232024
Fletcher BakerProp, Second Row20242025
Herbie FarnworthCentre, wing2023Sea World
Jesse ArtharsCentre, wing, Fullback20232024Until 2026
Jock MaddenHalf20232024
Jordan RikiSecond row20232024
Jordan PereiraWing2023
Keenan PalasiaSecond row2023Titans
Kobe HetheringtonLock202320242025
Kotoni StaggsCentre202320242025
Kurt CapewellSecond row20232024
Logan BaylissProp2023
Marty TaupauProp, second row, lock20232024
Patrick CarriganProp, lock20232024Until 2028
Payne HaasProp20232024Until 2026
Reece WalshFullback202320242025
Selwyn CobboWing, centre, fullback202320242025
Thomas FleglerProp2023Sea World
Tristan SailorFullback, half202320242025
Xavier WillisonProp202320242025

Brendan Frei: second row
Josh Rogers: half [Renewed]
Tristan Sailor: fullback, halves
Tyson Smoothy: hooker

Jordan Pereira
Logan Bayliss
Tyson Smoothy


Front Row
Carrigan, Flegler, Haas, Willison, Jensen, Bayliss, Palasia, Taupau

Second Row
Piakura, Riki, Capewell, Frei, Palasia, Taupau

Carrigan, Hetherington, Flegler, Taupau

Mozer, Paix, Walters, Smoothy

Reynolds, Mam, Walters, Paix, Madden, Rogers, Sailor

Cobbo, Walsh, Arthars, Sailor

Farnworth, Staggs, Hoeter, Mariner, Arthars, Cobbo, Capewell

Cobbo, Oates, Arthars, Hoeter, Farnworth, Pereira


QLD (19)
Billy Walters, Blake Mozer, Brendan Piakura, Brendan Frei, Corey Jensen, Corey Oates, Cory Paix, Ezra Mam, Josh Rogers, Keenan Palasia, Kobe Hetherington, Kurt Capewell, Logan Bayliss, Patrick Carrigan, Reece Walsh, Selwyn Cobbo, Tristan Sailor, Thomas Flegler, Tyson Smoothy

NZ (7)
Deine Mariner, Brendan Piakura, Jesse Arthars, Jordan Riki, Jordan Pereira, Marty Taupau, Xavier Willison

NSW (3)
Adam Reynolds, Jock Madden, Kotoni Staggs, Payne Haas

Indigenous (5)
Ezra Mam, Jordan Riki, Kotoni Staggs, Reece Walsh, Selwyn Cobbo

Tonga (2)
Delouise Hoeter, Kotoni Staggs

Samoa (5)
Keenan Palasia, Jesse Arthars, Jordan Pereira, Payne Haas, Marty Taupau

Cook Islands (2)
Brendan Piakura, Xavier Willison

England (1)
Herbie Farnworth
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Jock Madden's Manager, Chris Orr, says:

“Jock had a lot of interest and it came down to either Panthers or the Broncos,” said his manager Chris Orr of PSM.

“After meeting ‘Kevvie’ Walters and visiting the club, he had made up his mind that he wanted to join the Broncos.

“The added bonus of learning from an experienced halfback in Reynolds, whilst competing with Mam for the No.6 jersey, really appealed to Jock.”
You need to get out more ...
My step-dad's name is Jock. Well actually his name is Norman, but he's gone by "Jock" since his early teens. There are worse names than Jock you see.
Willison did both shoulders against the Blackhawks, his rehab will be slow.
Ohh boy! This kid really looked promising when he came on last year. Sad that he has done ACL and had to wait long time to recover to start playing again this year.
Didn’t looked confident enough during the only game he’s on field this year. It’s sad that he has done both his shoulders. I am really gutted for him. Hope he doesn’t loose focus and love of the game rather come out real good with determination on the other side like Patty did this year. Want to see this lad succeed.
If I can't wait for Jock Madden to arrive does that mean I have Jock itch.....?
Thanks mate! Not everyone appreciates the taste of my teabag.
Food Spice GIF by Rhett and Link
so 11 players from this years squad are moving on in 2023

that leaves just 10 players from Seibold's 2020 wooden spoon side.

looks like the cleanout is now complete, moving forward only tinkering should be necessary *touch wood*
Does anyone have a list of the players who are replacing replace those 11.
Does anyone have a list of the players who are replacing replace those 11.
Probably kids for the most part

Turps -> Smoothy
Hosking (was he in the top 30??)
Roberts (T&T)
Kelly -> Madden
TMM -> Walsh

Upgraded to top 30
- Mozer is Top 30 next year
- Mariner as well or was he already??
- Willison maybe as well
We’re pretty light on for forward depth looking at that. Trusting in a lot of kids again there.

Currently, the forwards are:
Middles: Carrigan, Jensen, Flegler, Haas though he won’t be there, Willison, Bayliss-Brow, Robati, Hetherington
Back row: Riki, Capewell, Robati, Te Kura, Piakura, Staggs?
Hooker: Smoothy, Paix, Walters, Mozer

lathers a lot of youth in there, promising for sure but unproven in a lot of ways. Am I forgetting someone?

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