COMP 2024 BroncosHQ Tipping Competition - Prizes To Be Won!!!



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Mar 5, 2008
Greetings, friend. Do you wish to look as happy as me? Well, you've got the power inside you right now.

Use it, and sign up for the 2024 BroncosHQ Tipping Competition!

To join, simply click on 'Tipping' at the top of the site, click '2024' and then click on 'Join Pool'. Or alternatively, CLICK HERE.

To place your tips, FOLLOW THIS LINK and then select the round you wish to place your tips for. All regular season rounds are now available to place tips for.

Of course, we have a couple of dope prizes for the most successful tipsters this season!

1st place prize - A Broncos jersey
2nd place prize - $50.00 voucher to the Broncos Team Store
3rd place prize - The respect of your fellow tipsters

As we are offering prizes, we'd like to see them go to posters who contribute discussion to the site. As a result, only users who have 100+ posts are able to join the tipping competition. The only exception to this is that the winners of previous seasons may also join.

Tipping Guidelines
- 1 point is awarded for a correct pick, 2 points are awarded for correctly tipping a draw
- Tipping is for the entire NRL season including the finals campaign
- By default, away teams are auto selected so make sure you update your picks prior to kick-off each round
- You can edit your picks right up until lockout time which is a few minutes prior to kick-off of the first match of each round

If you need any help with how to join, or place your tips, please do not hesitate to ask in this thread and someone will be along to help out. 🙂

God speed.

Below is an image showing where to access the tipping comp on the website:

Where should I hang the broncos jersey up? Might go well in the bedroom. I can stare at it and envision coming second for once!!!
You can put it next to a framed photo of the 2024 premiership winners (If you don't have a photo of the 2024 Broncos, I'm sure someone here can sell you one).
If it is the away jersey I know Rosie will snuggle up to it she is obviously bat shit for the broncos I mean she loved my 2016 jersey for a cat
Where should I hang the broncos jersey up? Might go well in the bedroom. I can stare at it and envision coming second for once!!!

They have pills to help with that, so i hear.

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