All Stars 2024 - Indigenous vs. Maoris

Fullbacks a pretty hard defensive position to play, can forgive Arthurs so far with no first grade experience in the position.
Looks like Arthurs got hooked. Well at least Kev doesn't need to mess around with that idea this season.
**** the Warriors are loaded. Depth too. TMM probably wont even play first grade this year.
So Willison despite a gun start, got pulled after 10mins and we haven't seen him back?

And Arthars, sure he was having a shocker, but he's been sent to wing and KODI NIKORIMA is at FB? What the actual ****? What about TMM?

Just looked to see who the **** the Maori coach is - Adam Fucking Teddy Blair. Wow.
He and Tapine have been the most dangerous players for them.

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